@joeyh Interesting post also because Armin has historically been vocally anti-copyleft... one of many people who seem suddenly eager to point out a violation of the GPL right now

@cwebber yeah, there is an odd focus on GPL when copyright violation is copyright violation whatever the license

@joeyh Yeah. Well this is a particularly powerful example because it's quoting something verbatim.

But I wonder if a good portion of this response comes from people having a panicked existential response. GPL and copyleft seem the most valid pushback against the tool, and so people are suddenly latching onto posts pointing out either violations (here's an obvious path to one) or very vague things that probably aren't (everyone learns through "training data"...)

@joeyh not to mention it being Microsoft and GitHub adds to the distrust... as far as identity-oriented sources of distrust, there's about as historical of a reason there as any, but corporations are nothing if not many-headed hydras...

@cwebber exististentialism as a key insight

if I imagine something like github copilot but it was based only on code I had written before (weighted toward recent code), it suddenly looks appealing enough that I start worrying about whether it could run on my laptop, or would need to be cloud powered

@joeyh @cwebber but i think that kinda gets at one of the main things i'm actually worried about with tools like this: that cloud-coupled dependency on a massive upstream dataset & infrastructure controlled completely by the megacorps.

right now i can usefully make software on my computer with tools i trust, participate in the whole system of software, get paid for it, etc. it's getting a lot easier to see the future where it's just not like that.

@joeyh @cwebber not that fancy ML code generation tools or whatever would _have_ to lead to that future of enclosure and enmeshing in the world of "software development happens where the megacorps say it happens", but i think that's pretty clearly the plan. it's part of a whole system of leverage.

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