FSF, Freenode. 

This will hopefully be my last #freenode related post. Today the #FSF meets to decide if they will move their channels off of freenode. I won't attend that meeting because (catch-22!) it is on freenode and I already dropped my account. I hope that they decide to move, but either way I'm not moving any of my Free Software support (#emacs, #notmuch, #debian) activities back. The FSF should meet Free Software where it is, which no longer is on Freenode.

FSF, Freenode. 

@bremner hopefully the channel wont get hijacked during the meeting


FSF, Freenode. 

@selea @bremner the channel had a guy on it yesterday defending Lee with very mendacious arguments. I googled him and guess which support letter he signed?

I will not be surprised if they continue to make wrong decisions in this case.

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