A recipe search engine that sorts in reverse order by the number of words above the recipe.


What about a recipe wikipedia? I don't understand how this doesn't exist yet, recipes are one of the foundational forms of shared common knowledge.

Yah, its true recipes are not necessarily discrete from each other and are not unique but those aren't problems so long as the wiki was structured to account for this (many similar recipes that would perhaps be linked together forming near duplicate echoes of the same thing).

@Alonealastalovedalongthe Maybe? I’ve always considered it either an editing nightmare (because there are virtually no canonical recipes) or a functional nightmare trying to organize and connect the billion variations.

But possibly I don’t have enough imagination.


I mean... why does it have to be edited well? Or even organized well?

So what if you search for a recipe and get a bazillion similar recipes, some of which aren't the most well edited....

That is still better than chugging through ad infested websites that take forever to get to the recipe content (and if you aren't using an ad-blocker probably take another day off the life off your cpu).

A recipe database would be a tangled mess just like the realm of culinary culture itself.


Food is weird because there is convergent evolution in recipes all over the place and redundant, similar recipes. Recipes are often modular or can differ from nearby recipes in trivial ways but in other nearby recipes in very non-trivial ways.

I think that is all wonderful and ok if one isn't attempting to produce a cook book on a limited amount of pages that is sorted in a rational manner lol.

A recipe wiki would be a hot mess and I would love it lol


@Alonealastalovedalongthe @readsteven thehoseys.org/buster/recipes.h 140,000 recipes in machine readable format

I have not used these, but there's software like Anymeal to search and display

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@Alonealastalovedalongthe @readsteven I feel what these are missing, AKA why I don't use them despite being a huge geek and cooking all the time is partly, there's not much signal which of the 100 carrot cake recipes is super tasty, or vegan, or what have you

@Alonealastalovedalongthe @readsteven and also, when I develop say, my perfect sourdough recipe, I can enter it in, but then there's no way to share it

some kind of federated recipe network that tracks variants of recipes automatically would be an interesting windmill for someone who is searching for one to tilt at

@joeyh This is pretty much the canonical problem with all aggregation / classification schemes: rating, ranking, cataloguing, and indexing.

It's easy enough to pile up a list of alternatives. Harder to go from that to ones which are going to be useful to people.

(The FLOSS community's long-standing habit of listing out 1,001 different alternatives to the One or Two Mainstream Software Options is a long-standing version of this. Often more choice, especially choice without a meaningful method to distinguish between options, is worse.)

And rating and ranking gets to the problems of Sybil Attacks, trust, knowledge (and intentions) of raters, etc., etc.

Not impossible to solve (see Wikipedia). But challenging.
@Alonealastalovedalongthe @readsteven

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