so weird reading an article in a magazine about someone doing this for a year since I've been doing it for TEN YEARS

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@joeyh Woah, interesting! Does it add much additional mental tracking when folx you're going to meet with use the local time? Like, remembering if they're in savings time or not.

I imagine for internet purposes it's much easier, since you're just in your own special timezone.

@joeyh I really struggle with DST and hope when we finally stop changing the clocks we go with standard time. I’m at a high latitude and it’s very cloudy, so the sun is done by 3-4pm in the winter anyway - maximizing morning light is essential for me. I think it’s interesting how many people feel DST is better when research suggests it’s worse for most.

Living in AZ with no time change was wonderful and I’d definitely take DST if it meant never changing time again.

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