I have no interest in arguing with you about why I should publish my git repos to github. I will not.

Keep it up and my git repos will start to contain references to certian commit hashes which violate the TOS.

@joeyh I would love to know more about the practicalities of this method, if you have the wherewithal? For example, practically speaking how will this affect the git repo and its use/propagation, besides the effects on Microsoft Github?
e.g. it looks like the git plumbing isn't happy with the tree being based heavily on missing content that isn't stored in the repo anymore, so is that going to need to be managed for repos hosted on Gitlab/Gitea etc?
Or can this just be a trivial "GH kill script"

@cathal yeah, my first version of the blog post had that problem

then I remember submodules, which avoids all that complication.

so hit refresh

@cathal and yes, it could be implemented as a 3 line shell script


git submodule add gitlab.com/ytdl-org/youtube-dl wha
git rm .gitmodules
git commit -m wha
git rm wha
git commit -m wha

@joeyh @cathal How long until github start tracking hashes in pulls and it becomes easy to remove any repo you want by committing this hash as a pull request


lol yeah I'm feeling that redaction

@joeyh I knew my days of having a giant pile of free disk space somewhere else were going to come to an end...

@alienghic @joeyh and so say a lot of people!

Meanwhile, search #gitportal and support p2p storage such as SafeNetwork.tech

@dredmorbius well, I do appreciate how the commenters suggest I could violate my own GPL license by doing this

... it led me down a fascinating rabbit hole on suing oneself.

@dredmorbius I mean, you win either way. has to be good right?

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