So, if this youtube-dl thing ends up with distributions such as being pressured to remove it, I hope they consider this:

The RIAA would not have brought this action without Google's backing. Google is not a friend of your distribution.

Perhaps your distro should IDK, change its default search engine.

(If I'm wrong, and Google is a friend of free software, all they would need to do to neuter this RIAA action is to remove their laughable "security" obfuscations from youtube.)

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@joeyh then RIAA would sue them for all the videos on youtube using RIAA's music without authorization.

@joeyh @kelbot
Really, are there not only two viable general purpose search engines? Google and Bing.
'Alternatives' like ddg, qwant and startpage merely feed into google and bing generating money for both.
Yandex gives suboptimal results in my experience. I suppose there's always Baidu, which has its own problems like Yandex does.
Mojeek, metager, swisscows... don't cut it.
Using searx including wikipedia is helpful.

@joeyh I wouldn't even assume that the RIAA's legal department consulted with the RIAA's own leadership before issuing the takedown notice. I think it's very unlikely that they discussed it with Google.

@joeyh The argument they brought up was examples in some documentation using Taylor Swift (et al) music videos (IMHO a monumentally stupid way to put your project at risk). They don't need YouTube/Google to motivate or even just allow them to "protect" those, it's kinda the only reason for the RIAA to exist.

(Disclosure: I work for Google, but have no skin in this particular game)
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