super impressed with the social MUD for Roguelike Celebration.

I'm in a room right now that has a video feed, a whiteboard to ask speakers questions, and a bunch of mud users with random items and stuff


this is best virtual conference interface ... also free software I believe

@cwebber also has rooms with video chat amoung people, various objects ...

@joeyh @cwebber ok that looks awesome.

we have an upcoming virtual conference thing for work; i wonder if it'd be worth trying to repurpose for a few sessions...

@brennen @cwebber there's gonna be an unconference meeting about the design of the space in half an hour, looks like (just being arranged in the space now), so I'll attend and see

@joeyh @cwebber oof, yeah, the azure dependency probably takes it right out of the "i'll spin up a VM and try it out" realm for me...

still looks like a pretty cool effort tho.

@brennen @cwebber yeah I asked its main dev and it uses several parts of azure for message routing and stuff, would need some serious work to uncouple

@joeyh @brennen @cwebber Does someone know a MUD for conferencing that is free software?

@solene are you looking for a hosted MUD used for this or MUD software you could run yourself?

I believe PerlMUD software is mit-licensed ( ifMUD uses that).

@joeyh @brennen @cwebber

@emacsomancer @brennen @cwebber @joeyh I would like to host mine :)

I'll look into those! thank you

@joeyh Holy smoke how is this being done? I want to poke at it!

@joeyh that looks amazing, I kinda want my workspace to look like that. Always thought that what we see in scify shows looks useful but what we get in reality is pretty lacking both visually and functionally.

@joeyh Is that a game of Tetris on the left, for when you're bored with the speaker?

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