Does it work if you take a picture of a person?

@joeyh Hey! I was asking for one of these all over thanks for making it!!!

@joeyh or you could just soak the surfaces in alcohol for 30-60 seconds

@joeyh Wait, is it really 3 days for other?

I just moved an other from one flat to another.

@stolas @joeyh the problem with this is that only 4 surfaces have been professionally tested so "other" is just using the "plastic" number

@stolas @joeyh Yeah. Plastic is 3 days, cardboard is 24 hours, copper (not "metal") is 4 hours, aerosolized is 3 hours

And that's all we know for sure.

@riking @stolas yes, that's right, other just uses the maximum they found it on anything so far

(both plastic and metal were similar)

@joeyh sooo say you have all your groceries delivered thats how long you have to wait to be able to touch them or you have to wash everything before putting them in the pantry and freezer.

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