cachable, revolutionary, secure, enpowering. web 1.0 was anything but boring. Until you corporates.

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why do you think every single actually exciting web replacent tech looks more like www 1.0 than your hairball of weaponized js?

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@joeyh if i bore you at my static you don't deserve me at my dynamic

@joeyh not counting ssb as an exciting web replacement then? :P

This thread makes me want to do 2 things:

1. Adopt a cat with hairball problems and name it, "Google"

2. Look into open source flash alternatives and archiving flash based games

More likely to do the first than the second, candidly, and that only if someone else in the household volunteers to take care of Google's 'innovations'

otoh it is good that they drop flash support. They should have never supported it in the first place. flash was a disease

@joeyh boring is a feature, and a much underappreciated one

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