I don't (yet) use Termux, but this seems to make debs usable, and apt will have to start using apk's - become a command-line F-Droid. Historically, non-native package management on Linux hadn't taken off (0install has existed for 15 years now?). Nix, Guix, Snap, Flatpak seem to have recent, slow uptake. A similar thing on a critical device like a phone will have these roadblocks.

Time for 2 devices? An Android phone paired to a Linux PDA!

@joeyh this is good. solidifies wanting to move to non-android phone.

thanks Google!

@joeyh argh. I understand the security restrictions from the point of view of their quest to become iOS. I just wish that wasn't their goal 😞

@joeyh Maybe this will help people get serious about using free OSs on their phones.

@joeyh Each release reduces the usability advantage Android has over iOS.

Sounds like it's not over yet though, if UserlAnd still works on the latest release.

In the end though it sounds like we'll be running Linux emulators inside our Linuxes.
@joeyh Do not worry, Fxtec Pro is coming. Pinephone as well. Librem 5 is there. PureOS, PostmarketOS, Saifish, UBports, /e/, Plasma Mobile, LineageOS, etc. - they are all ok in their own way (well, Postmarket is just getting there).

What we do need: MultiROM or efidroid. Basically grub for phones.

From the thread it's not really "killing" moreso than just throwing up roadblocks by changing security measures but that's still annoying af.

Especially cause it might fuck with commandline installing tools which blows

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