This forest used to be a mile inland. Now it is eroding away with every high tide and hurricane. The island of Botany Bay is vanishing.

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Hurricane Matthew caused the most recent large damage, and it’s generally thought to have been strengthened by .

This beach is a preview…

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@joeyh The Earth has seen worse and will survive. We, on the other hand, may not.

There's a terrible beauty in destruction. I really like these photos.

@joeyh At least the trees didn't try to argue about it? (A mile of coast disappeared? That's shockingly impressive)

Coastal home owners keep trying to force cities to build defenses that will be eventually swamped instead of realizing they need to move.

@alienghic to be clear, it lost a mile over the past 100 years

but only a decade or so ago this was a forest ending at sand dunes with a wide beach on the other side. Now there is no beach at high tide.

@joeyh I've remember some stories of people in Louisiana whose childhood vacation destinations are now open ocean.

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