gmail rejects some random subset of email from servers that don't have IPv6 reverse dns set..

so if your hosting provider happens to enable ipv6 autoconfig one happy day, everything breaks with no warning

next googler who emails me will get an bill for my time in fixing this. i've added you to my invoicing system google.


hmm, my IPv6 PTR record already was set correctly. google's bounce links to .. which fails to mention PTR records and tries to get you hooked on some Google Postmaster Tools BS

guess I'm billing google 1 hour for inconclusive investigation?

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@joeyh If Google is bouncing your email, check reverse DNS, SPF, DKIM, and DMARC, make sure they are all configured properly.

But the real problem is, when you have everything and Google starts accepting your mail, sometimes, it still flags your mails via IPv6 and moves it to the spam folder randomly.

And there's no incentive for Google to fix it, I guess, and we had to,

> limit mta for domain inet4

But many companies use Gmail with their own domains...

@niconiconi - in exim4 I'm using a domain list. What I would need would be a transport/lookup for MX, not A records in exim... afaik this doesn't exist, so I'm stuck with manually conducted domain lists.... // @joeyh

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