In the past week, Github has made moves aimed at taking over both free software packaging and now free software crowdfunding.

This is utterly scary, and I'm surprised nobody is talking about it.

@joeyh I too find it scary. But I don't really get involved in discussions about what industry giants like Microsoft do. The discussions tend to end up being people shouting past each other, and nobody's mind gets changed.

But MS/GitHub making moves in this area is definitely worrisome.

@liw I'm coming to realise that it's far less about changing minds in individual debate than in *getting the point out*.

JG was absolutely correct on the value of repetition, and even small-scale propaganda can have effect. Though it need not be lies.

Getting bogged down in debate with the bad-faith or. even simply insensible has largely negative value. Proclaim victory and roll forth


@bhaugen except maybe not "extinguish", but "extreme horizontal monopoly"


Github is dead.

This is Microsoft doing the Fear-Uncertainty-Doubt-Embrace-Extend-Proprietize and Kill

between steps 5 and 6 now.

@hhardy01 goal seems to be closer to "all you smelly free software devs are MS/Uber gig hackers now" than fully proprieterize and kill.

They have updated their game plane a bit since the 90's, unfortunately.

@joeyh I'm hoping @conservancy will discuss this in the relatively near future.

@joeyh I didn't find out about it until today. It's a typical Microsoft kind of thing to try to dominate FOSS development and keep developers on a closed platform.

@joeyh I think everyone who possesses the understanding required to understand why this is problematic has stopped paying attention to Github a while ago?

@technomancy how can you not pay attention to them when you're forced to use them for sending patches to a majority of free software projects?

@joeyh @technomancy i stopped having to use them on an hourly basis (wikimedia uses gerrit, i opted to set up a personal gitea after the MS acquisition), so it's less on my radar, but i'm aware and pretty much terrified.

@joeyh well, I mean... I get email about things that happen on GitHub, and the links in the email take me straight to the discussions and code in question. I can't remember the last time I visited the main page, and I don't read their blog.

We deserve what happens we choose collectively to create those monster and now the monster is big enough to eat the world

you call yourself an anarchist and spout shit like this? "we deserve it"?

I'm part of some oss project who move everything to github, slack and others... so yes it's dumbass but github without oss projects it's just nothing. So we are part of the problem. Don't be blind and stay calm

Big difference between "we're a part of the problem" and "we deserve this"

Big corps exists because we believe collectively in them. My industry create and promote them and now we complain about the huge power they have. I'm sorry but we create the problem, we loose our infrastructure... I'm hugely sad about the current situation

@joeyh Yeah LinkedIn, Github, Skype, Azure, they have tons of cash & know enough about coding to be dangerous.

@joeyh I saw the funding announcement, but where did you see something about packaging?

@joeyh @amdg2 moar feature bloat from GH? Are you surprised?

@joeyh got a link for the news about packaging? i found the crowdfunding one...

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