Srsly, all we needed to do to get those undeletable apps removed from our phones was some light corporate espionage?

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@joeyh Huawei has its own bunch of unremovable stuff. On a phone by them I had two copies of their version of Contacts, the second one appeared by itself as I tried to remove them....

@dimpase @joeyh Why were there two copies?

I know these apps tend to get developed and permantly installed in case something like what just happened to Huawei occurs. Phone manufacturers don't want to be locked in to Google.

@alcinnz @joeyh obviously it was some kind of bad UI bug. GPS was very bad, Strava just did not work (and still does not, as I am too lazy to unsubscribe from a newsfeed
on this particular Strava problem)...

Seemingly OK hardware, great battery life, a decent camera, and a screwed up UI that drove me mad.

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