Notice the cognitive dissonance in the reactions to A Dark Room having a repl, vs the architypical dev's "my 8bit computer booted to a repl"

What we have here is social classes, gatekeeping, etc.

@joeyh I assume there's a source of people complaining? I'm curious. (Also should I try A Dark Room?)

@joeyh @cwebber it's free software? the dev says this:

"Yes it costs money. No it isn't open source. Stop asking devs to give away their efforts so you can save 0.001% of your six figure salaries."

pretty offputting imo

@joeyh @cwebber okay, so I guess they mean just the switch port is proprietary?

@joeyh Could you explain this toot a little more? I'm trying to grasp it but my peanut brain is wobbly on the details. Are you saying that people unenthusiastic about the REPL in the game are trying to keep others out of programming?

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