"There are few companies that have the breadth, reach, scale, and flexibility of Cloudflare's network. We don’t believe there are any such companies that aren't primarily motivated by selling user data or advertising."

You know what, Cloudflare, I don't belive there are eny either. Including you.

"All those things are easier to provide when someone is accessing a Cloudflare customer through their phone running Warp."

Accidental cut-n-paste from Cloudflare investor prospectus?

@joeyh Hmmm. They claim a lot of privacy protections, though they don't ever talk about metadata. They claim that this is to be funded by a freemium model, plus its value as research for a later commercial VPN offering. I am not sure what my level of trust for this is, but pretty sure it's not at "route all my traffic through you" levels.

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