1. Self-driving cars are claimed to be ready for the roads right now

2. The most reliable way to prove you are human online is to select regions of an image that contain a stop sign.

-- Nick M


its a spectrum. tesla and others are capable of level 3. my guess would be, barring some AI breakthrough, that the limit with current technology is level 4. that might even be stretching it considering some of the technical challenges involved. i can't help but think that part of the bet with these self driving car projects is that AI would peak at a higher complexity than it did.

@xj9 @joeyh

Saturday I gave a talk about AI and I talked (among other things) about self driving cars.
(here, in Italian: )

IMO, #SelfDrivingCars are NOT ready to level 2 (for usability issues) and for sure NOT ready to level 3.
At least not in roads open to the public.

The safest and most advanced level 2 autonomous vehicles, airplanes, move in a totally isolated system almost fully under #computer control.

First we need dedicated roads, then #AI on shared cars.

Conspiracy theory proposal:
All those "self-driving" cars "ready for the roads right now" are in fact simply remotely controlled by a taxi drivers hired for the job at Google etc. under an NDA…

@joeyh man I bring this up all the time Waymo’s self driving cars get talked about. “What is a stop sign? What is a car? What is a bridge? What is a storefront?”

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