@mako I have links to the Franklin St Statement on autonomo.us that are broken.. it seems to be SEO parked? :/


@mako I suppose relying on the cloud to host it was shortsighted of me, OTOH I don't know if I can legally copy it..

@joeyh It was self hosted. Evan sold the domain. (Without asking it even telling the rest of us!)

There is a copy here: wiki.p2pfoundation.net/Frankli

We should put one on freedomdefined.org

@mako @joeyh it does say some ironic things about the struggle with the goals of the decentralized web taking off

onwards and upwards towards more p2p / CAS type tech

@cwebber @mako @joeyh I'm now imagining IPFS for file uploads with toot favoriting resulting in your Mastodon instance pinning the content...

@cwebber In this context, what do they mean by decentralize? I've heard it many anything from hosting your own instance, to having your website hosted on a block chain. Which sounds similar, but DTube markets itself as decentralized without having multiple instances.

@cwebber The biggest barrier seems to be the domain name delima, but I never had to worry about this with Yacy.

But I mean I self-host and localtunnel much of what I do, or use IPFS.

@LWFlouisa I'm just going to warn you of two things:

- My own work on MediaGoblin's current codebase is on hiatus (I'm working on Spritely instead, which is possibly the future of MediaGoblin)
- MediaGoblin does not yet support ActivityPub (it has a federation branch, but it's for a pre-ActivityPub API)

So... just a word of caution on that.

@cwebber Ah maybe I'll wait for spritely then. Sounds related to pixel art, but probably not intentional.

@LWFlouisa It's semi intentional because the long term plan involves a game component.

But originally it was SocialSprite which was a hint that it was a generalization and refinement of MediaGoblin but it was pointed out that that was not a good acronymn ;P

@cwebber Maybe once I get better at html blogging I might give comments about possible bugs.

As I never got any formal coding lessons, I'm kind of basically figuring out things through trial and error.

Apparently markdown and php are meant to generate web pages, not display them. It makes me wonder how Github does it?

@cwebber Then again, a few months ago I was asking how to run ruby programs. Then I realized RPG Maker MV can generate HTML versions, and you can embed that into your website.

@cwebber In fact generally I had been using Ruby to generate webpages.

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