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the single most important criteria when replacing Github

Consider all the data that's used to provide the value-added features on top of git. Issue tracking, wikis, notes in commits, lists of forks, pull requests, access controls, hooks, other configuration, etc.

Is that data stored in a git repository?

see shy jo @joeyh

Pleased to see this pissed HN off. How you know you're onto something.

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@joeyh ah, sad but true… (good post, by the way)

@joeyh HN has about six flavors of people there, lol. Many who probably agree with you.

I think like the GitHub wiki is even technically probably a Git repo... just a hidden/unreachable one. It stores changes in a very Git-like fashion.

@ocdtrekkie Github wiki, gists, user pages are all stored in git repos. Rest isn't. I don't know about the equivilants on Gitlab.

Also, pulls all the data into a branch (and backs up all repos you star or fork); I wrote it 6 years ago partly to demonstrate feasibiity, partly to not lose information when the inevitable github backlash happened.

@joeyh That's pretty handy! I'm not leaving GitHub (and think the hysteria is hilarious), but am always pretty big on good data export tools.

@joeyh Looks like you've upset LWN readers as well.

@joeyh @liw

you can't make me look at HN, but maybe I'll take another peek at the LWN comments.

How bad can it be, right?