Anyone in the US found a good way to withdraw earnings from ?

(USD or Euro, I need to do both.)

Part of my confusion is I don't know if the transfer would come from outside the US, or if Liberapay's payment processor operates inside the US.

Wells Fargo has a SWIFT code for incoming international wires, but Liberapay does not seem to allow entering a SWIFT code for US withdrawals. And its form for an IBAN transfer doesn't let me select my country.

(And yes, Wells Fargo is approximately the most evil bank ever; I'd drop their account in a hot second if I could wire non-internationally to my local home town bank.)

Update on this, I tried the withdrawal to Wells Fargo's SWIFT; it was rejected with "please contact our Finance Team", which sounds like a Wells Fargo kind of thing to say, so I think that @Liberapay's changes are working to some extent.

Still yet to see the money. I'll go talk to the Wells Fargo international transfers division now, ugh.

Wells Fargo bank can only accept transfers of USD to their SWIFT.

To transfer Euro to them, it has to go via an intermediary bank (Deutschebank), with the beneficiary bank and their SWIFT, and my account name and account number all included in the transfer instructions.

I also tried Transferwise; to send Euros to my account there, the transfer has to include a reference number that they provide.

No way to do any of that with the form, so my EUR is stuck currently.

@joeyh I have been using liberapay to tip you for the last few months.

Seeing you asking this question makes me wonder if this is the best way to send you money.

What do you prefer, which service is giving you the biggest cut?

@ninjatrappeur still to be determined, I do like liberapay, though I wish I knew who my supporters there were (but I understand why it obscures that). Thanks for the support!

@joeyh The change has been deployed, you can try a SWIFT payout now.

@joeyh I wonder if we had a USD denominated librepay like thing entity in the US if they could have enough people wanting Euros to run a private currency exchange trade with liberpay

@alienghic we could even write a protocol for such things, perhaps with some kind of distributed ledger...

@joeyh noooo! I'm pretty sure a memorandum of understanding between two non profits with good accounting practices would work just fine. ;)

@joeyh Actually that error message is from our payment processor. We've just emailed them to request details and instructions on what we should do.

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