step 1: colorful newline emoji

step 2: drop support for \n in filenames

my review for a microsd card was rejected. The review consisted of a list of reasons I believed the item was a counterfeit.

The bash completion documentation does not seem to give a reason, or even document this. But I've never been able to make any sense of that documentation.

are there any "please disable your adblocker" block lists?

Amazing bug report in which a nonfree firmware file turned out to include a linux kernel binary

Apparently evil cat was trying to tell me I had used a 330 ohm resistor instead of the correct 100 ohm resistor

evil cat is currently: Lying on a bed of temp sensor probes, chewing on a resistor

Letsencrypt refusing to renew certs because Google thinks the site is malicious is an *interesting* new threat model to contend with.

Enjoying rather too much the comical brokenness of Paul Graham's rss feed.

Linus Torvalds autographed 2.0 CD from 1998.

@thomasfuchs hard to admit, I've shelved my atari, though I do hope to connect it to a flatscreen display one day

I slept until 11:30! I have not slept till 11:30 in years.

5 hours on the river yesterday

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