Author's guild argues that no accessible libraries is an accepable situation.

I think a new author's guild might be needed?

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updated with webrtc for less clunky and faster picture taking

carintine. n. 2020

Keeping pantry staples in the unopened trunk of your car for 4 days so you can offer them as safe uncontaminated food to whoever.

this is sure an interesting time to rely on an experimental solar-powered fridge

did my control software become accidentially life-critical?

Achievement unlocked: Last bottle of hand moisturizer @ walmart, after woman who had grabbed last 3 took pity on me.

Exchanged DIY hand sanitizer recipes.

went shopping, 1st time in world in 2 weeks

well, people in TN are finally taking it seriously

think I'll try again in 2-3 months

these fucks

I especially like the bit where the guy who thinks he's gonna to colonize mars is unable to quantify risk

Now is a good time to start collecting scraps for stock.

Just put all your onion skins, peels, wilted veggies, bones, etc in a ziplock in the fridge or freezer.

Later when you're wanting fresh food, wack a pot on high, and brown them in it, stirring occasionally, then add water to cover and whatever herbs you have. Cook several hours on low boil, it should get nice and rich. Pass through a sieve.

Add some root veg or pasta and you'll stretch needing to shop by a couple days easy.

feeling kinda prescient about worrying about re-entering the US from Canada when I canceled my trip a week ago :/

oh well, not hard to see two exponential steps ahead sadly

(announced in a gathering of more than 10 people that included POTUS)

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noticing an uptick in free software patches I'm receiving, as typically happens around thanksgiving and christmas

anyone else

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