Things are just generally weird AF out in the world, I can't help but noticing.

Like imagine a woman carrying 2 fancy drinks, sans mask, who's like "oh, do you mind if I get in the elevator too"?

who ever asked that in before times while getting their 2 fisted drinking on in a mostly empty hotel elevator?

which it has to be noted has little standy-circles in each corner. my iron-o-meter has pegged

I don't think I could do this for more than 2 days, I have not built up the stamina to wear a mask very long and deal with all the added mental baggage.

So I'm glad I only scheduled 2 days at my next converence, DisCon III (WorldCon). Excite!

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Coughing feels like a real faux pas, and I'm on meds that have an occasional dry cough symptom. That made for a few unfun times.

(I've also been self-testing fwiw)

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we all have this new thing to talk about, which can be nice to break the ice, though it didn't dominate.

particularly enjoyed a convo about how some extroverts realized during lockdown that they were actually sometimes introverts, and vice-versa

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social distancing of chairs in a conference room is great, makes it really easy to get to a seat and avoids getting squashed in between people

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I have difficulty sometimes recognising faces at conferences and wow, masks make this 10x harder

sometimes I failed to recognise someone with their
mask off after I'd had a conversation with masks on

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(this community is pretty good about respecting others, which helps)

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.. so mask discipline was not total, but better than I have seen most anywhere ever.

Granted I live in an area with really poor handling of everything covid.

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the restaurant exception carries over to a conference in some form of social osmosis, beause people drink coffee and stuff at conferences

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vaccine requirement was not verified, this seemed ok to me

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this was vaccinated and masked, and more than safe enough for me, though past me would disagree about eg unmasked speakers (20 feet from audience tho)

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thoughts on in-person conferences during covid, after my first one (a thread)

"I am standing in front of everyone in my pyjamas" -- OLF organizer in context of covid changes

note to self/whoever wants super yum: Palak chat.

thinking about how advent of code and coding competitions don't mesh with my motivation at all..

like, I enjoy coding, including for its own right, but as soon as it involves making something non-unique I don't wanna

probably the psychology of that is unhealthy, but I guess it's been creatively helpful too

just listened to Clarance Thomas followed by Kavanaugh as they try to overturn abortion 🤢

deep bench

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