protip: If someone files a bug report you don't like and don't want to deal with and the bug report is getting unwanted attention, don't redirect the bug url to your home page.

me: taking a day off, just lazing around and making travel plans

(proceeds to chainsaw and hand-haul firewood out of the woods for 2 hrs)

8%/12%/7%/4%/8%/7%/8% faster operations... I suppose the past 2 weeks were worth it?

Honestly I stuggle to find motivation for optimisations unless they're at least 2 orders of magnitude..

man, I'm going to run out of power before I do my daily git push

still alive.. just my daily activity pulse is gonna have to wait

coding for 6 hrs.. I kind of want to stop now and go work my digging my ditch. so relaxing

dug 80 feet of 12 inch deep trench in ~2 hours. By hand

The secret is the trench is a mere 1-2 inches wide, and I used the right tool for the job.

how do I categorize money sent to verify a bank account in hledger? I'm thinking income:banksy-security-theater

bediapered revelers in times square celebrating arbitrary timekeeping artifact


unpaid nasa scientists celebrating event occurring 6 hours outside of our light cone

half a million people have read about my fridge

that's kind of crazy

meanwhile I am investigating personal cel network repeater towers..

AT&T update: They claim they came yesterday. Didn't. Line still down, day 12.

They keep trying to call my contact number, but don't leave voicemail. Seem to not understand that my only phone line is down.

So, I gave them a relative's number as my contact number and primed relative to handle the call explain how they fucked up my line and get them to actually visit me.

I'm dropping a whole wiki tonight with the design of my offgrid zero-battery solar powered fridge.

happy holidays!

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