first instant pot cooking by solar power, 5 cups of black beans w/ancho chile and onion. 0.25 kwh power used, didn't deplete batteries at all

My sister, who is a doctor, also got vaccinated today!

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So you're probably imagining that I'm secretly over 65 and have been hiding my true age due to rampant ageism in the tech world.

Really though, I've been a volunteer firefighter for several years. As early climate change adaptation, since it's looking like the west coast won't be the only area with increased fire risk.

Still hard not to be ambivilant about getting this so early.

Proprietary Moderna molecules coursing thru my veins and I feel great!

getting vaccinated in 1.5 hours

also need to turn and fold my sourdough then

as pandemic problems go, I'll take it

"We will be closed and will not be vaccinating on Monday the 18th in recognition of Martin Luther King Day."

somehow, dear department of health, I doubt that's what Dr King would have wanted

my dad spent from 9 am to 12 today constantly redialing to get past busy signals and get a vaccine appointment in south carolina

with success.. but theirs was one of the last slots until next week

imagine how many people are going to not bother to do that

see shy jo boosted

@anarcat I belive this account is very incorrect.

(Bearing in mind I'm an archiveteam founding member. Have not been active, but I have been fact checking it for a couple hours and it doesn't hold up to scrutiny.)

any US states vaccinating on Sundays?

Just curious because here in TN they are not. Would rather let people die.

/dev/sdd1 7.3T 7.3T 7.0G 100% /media/joey/archive-13
/dev/sde1 5.5T 2.5T 3.0T 46% /media/joey/archive-12
/dev/sdb1 3.6T 3.5T 97G 98% /media/joey/archive-11
/dev/sdf1 3.6T 3.6T 80G 98% /media/joey/archive-10

guess which one's the segate drive


if any movie had this scene it it, it would be over the top dystopia


well, Pence anyway was evacuated. confusion in the senate

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so yeah, the US Senate is being evacuated in the middle of certifying the pres votes


maybe the goal here is to just run out the clock to inaguration day? 2 hours "debate" per objection to a state's electors = 100 hrs, 8 hours per day = 13 days.

14 days remain in the (legal part of) the current regime

monoliths are so passe now, the local news is reporting on them being placed in a city park

probably until google browser only allows running google script from google cloud on your google device that is the only allowed device, and a change to google cloud TOS prohibits running emulated browsers

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emulated web browser running in your web browser to browse old web pages

how deep will this nest in the end?

continuing a bit of a dive on vaccine registration, I'm looking at an Eventbrite "event" that is being used to register 1st responders for vaccination in a big chunk of TN

not a bad hack, repurposing a conference registration system for this

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