Baked my best whole wheat sourdough yet and seem to have accidentially opened a 1-top restaurant.

on unix, if you move a directory that a process is running in, any relative path accesses made by that process will suddenly be relative to its new location

which is scary as hell when I think about it, eg rm -rf can be made to delete a file you didn't ask it to by moving it at just the wrong time

anyone ever heard of this being used to attack processes running as root or another user in a directory you control? would be an interesting class of security hole

According to my records, Turbotax is off by 1 cent in what they said would bill for doing my taxes, vs what they actually billed me.

Sales tax must be a really hard part of tax law.

(all this risk was for a completely stock prescription refill.. I could have taken more vitals at home than they took there)

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features of visit this morniing to doctor, in 0.7% known positivity rate county in hotspot state in US, that I could not get out of doing in person:

- only other patient had a family member with "low oxygen"

- phelobotomist came in sans mask, put one on in the back

- I wore a kn95, and none of the medical workers could because the supply chain is still fucked

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Another day, another social media post proclaiming RSS to be dead, delivered to me via an RSS feed.

spj is about to give a talk subtitled " and spreadsheets fall in love"

dear perl community, haskellers have started writing programs like this

x=id @((∀c.c⇒0~0)⇒_)mdo if|let?_=(#'x,#)→[0b_0^0e0|_←x|(\case→ !n#+1)∷_←x]

please send help

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oh also the power socket in the old one was only loosely holding the cable

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that "first world" feels like it needs scare quotes in the USA now tho

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new laptop and I'm all out of grey nail polish for the LEDs, and it's a pandemic

side by side comparison of two 2017 Lenovo Yoga 710 laptops.

I've used one for 12 months, the other is new from box.

Keyboard on the old one is completely worn out. Not only the failed keys, almost every key is flabby. Space bar especially.

Lid on old one does not close solidly. Hinges wobble some.

Screen brightness on old one seems maybe half as bright, max.

Speaker seems significantly lounder.

Pity... It's a great laptop for me.. But it's a fully disposable laptop.

Interesting thing about this book cover.. on first glance, I saw a mask. Would not have last year, so some visual rewiring in progress.

Corey Doctorow in his home bar at while I’m doing some hardware hacking to add monitoring to my solar pump controller.

"The Trump Donor Hall of Fame is very competitive and your offer is only available for the NEXT HOUR. After that, I’ll be forced to reach out to the next Patriot."

Just can't get over the combination of fascism and used car salesman in these increasingly desparate emails

So, if you were going to phone a sixty year old woman in a swing state, who voted for Trump before, and try to convince her to vote for Biden, how would you approach it?

Given that you have a nice case of mistaken email address to start the convo

figured out why I've been getting Trump spam to my gmail address. One of their supoorters, whose name and location I now know, typoed their email address

I know because they included information about the supporter in an email trying to shame her into donating.

competance all around

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