oh glorious day, the asian grocery store has started labeling their green leafy produce

getting smart spam where they find legitimate broken links (from 2001) in my blog and suggest replacing them with their own links to make it "better"

The spammers have not worked out how to send git diffs for my blog yet..

OMG, I have no plans for today except for procrastinating on some bug reports and checking the water level of my water tanks

Think I'm gonna read _How_To_Do_Nothing_. Or not.

(everything in haskell is a pointer. it's constantly mutating pointers all the way down actually)

I mean, it's interesting to see how someone can get confused by immutable data and land on "no pointers" and then contort themselves into a knot

want to listen to a very misleading podcast episode about functional programming? soundcloud.com/lambda-cast/22-

This week has been crazy and just one little bit of it is hauling 650 pounds of sand by hand a quarter mile up a steep hillside.

recpatcha is really a pretty fun game if you try to click on every square that it does not want

at this point, click "verify" to win the game (not playing the game is the only other way to win)

I clicked on some google forum post that convinced google I am a Russian speaker. Super happy about this confusion.

Here's how google translate looks to me now.

also I get to think about loads and balance while doing it. so very zen

obsessively leveling my 6 foot "sandbox"

good thing sandboxes never came with a level when I was young

I hear you and have only hauled 150 lbs of sand up the 150 foot hill before lunch time

was under general anestetic for a (very) minor medical procedure yesterday. Do I --

-- get back to finishing my current feature branch
-- haul a truckload of sand and start hand-carrying it 150 feet up a hill
-- take a day off?

"I wish Google just blocked all GPL code for me so I never had to see any of it." -- a Hacker News

happy "why are we still running MTAs by root as default when postfix has existed for 20 years?" day everybody! Enjoy your root exploits.

Microsoft just taught me that ">foo echo bar" is a valid bash command

I mean, of course it is, in retrospect but yeah.

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