of course, you'd hope that my next reaction would be to code one up, but actually I am writing a small shell script using termux-api


cat nosing into my pocket, convinced that the land under the covers must still be here somewhere

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I was updating the git-annex thanks page to list people who sent in patches, and there are 47 of them. git-annex.branchable.com/thank

Astounding! I used to think that code bases not targeting haskell developers would not get a lot of contributors.

Noticed a road on the map named "Maybe Hollow"

As a haskell programmer, I both want to visit it, and fear coming around a bend in the road and finding Nothing.

which raises the question: Out of 25 L candidates, can I find any sufficiently non-tard that I could vote for them?

BTW, it takes 25 signatures to get on the TN governor's ballot with a R D or I by your name. Any other party? 33,844 signaures

The L's have stuffed the ballot with a lot of I names in protest.

ballot ordering in TN is of course R default, then D, then everyone else

The secondary sort function seems to favor candidates who just want their pet racoon returned to them

when you've torn thru a 350 page book in under 20 hours and would really like to read another book, but that seems bad for the digestion

Responded to an idle issue auto-close ping like this github.com/ssbc/patchwork/issu

Will probably become my boilerplate response, so any improvements welcome and please consider using it too.

or I could use MQTT.. and deal with ssl certs, and apparently username+password auth

at some point I need to secure my home automation's webserver so some idiot with a drone doesn't remotely turn off my fridge

Thinking about it, all the self-signed ssl certs etc would be a real pain to deal with.

Then I realized: Just ditch the webserver and use ssh. I already have ssh keys.

secured http over local unix socket accessed over ssh here I come

wow, so will throw an IO error if read() returns a short buffer!

It's perceived as a pinnacle of well tested and quality software. But google SQLITE_IOERR_SHORT_READ for all the people who have been bitten by this.

I'll bet it has something to do with linux's minimum timer tick vs processor speed etc

echo 1 > foo; stat foo; echo 2 > foo; stat foo

Do both stats show the same mtime for the file? Seeing that on some linux 2.16 systems and trying to understand why.

"OMG, I managed to file a bug report, here are FIFTEEN UNRELATED PROBLEMS" and other fine bug reports

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