so given Google's latest privacy invasion, what happens if I start (explicitly) copyrighting every email, and including a link in them to the license statement?

(I assume I get blocked by gmail, which would be pretty keen.)

Second try on coals inside my cabin's wood stove, in a dutch oven.

This is like, take a fiddly long complex process and add a second fiddly long complex process. Also yum.

cat: hates kitten with undying heat of sun still

also cat: hunting a mouse with kitten

cool, my (satellite) ISP seems to have lost routing to both google and cloudflare

but not the rest of the internet (what remains of it anyway)

my cat hates the new kitten with the flaming implacable heat of a sun

my cat is also currently kind of playing with the kitten

imagine legally changing your last name to "Firstname"

best part is this inbox eventually empties itself. sometimes by falling off the edge. squirmy little beast

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i rant about this all the time, but there is an entire class of argument about how & whether to use github / gitlab / gitea / phabricator / gerrit / mailing lists / whatever that would mostly vanish if the underlying data model in the de facto standard was rich enough to support the actual work of software development.

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Everyone in TN on Blue Cross gets a 10% insurance refund and the letter prominently mentions the ACA.

Just a little hope. (Also I reminder to me to make some charitable donations.)

just hanging in a mud with 180 people listening to poetry composed to machine-generated forms

how you spending your Sunday?

uspol, idiocy, redundancy in CWs 

Some Trump allies are entertaining conspiracy theories that the White House outbreak was caused by someone with political motives. “It’s weird that all these Republicans are getting it,” a prominent Republican told me.

2021: The Year When Airships Really Take Off?!

-- Dustin Freeman

partly because I think it would balance the auto-explore, which I both like but also seems to prevent me getting very into DCSS

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saw an amazing talk from Tyriq Plummer about multiplayer roguelike approaches that actually work

one method has players playing at their own pace, and the monsters pick the most appropriate player to match the pace of

I kind of want to see this hacked into dcss

this is best virtual conference interface ... also free software I believe

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