off to the border of VA and KY for a kayak camping trip in the national forest

gonna be chilly!

"In that moment, his whole life was a limb shaken by the departure of a bird … and the bird was chance."


Oh, this is good stuff, glad to be reading it. Pity the film makers.

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Hey did you get your flu shot yet? Maybe between remaining covid precautions and extra vaccinations we can make another flu lineage go extinct this year! I mean, probably not, but worth a shot!

My pharmacy keeps running out of shots, but I’m on the wait list now.

cat >> neverending-todo-list
* if watts used are cycling around once a minute between baseline and 200 watts, cut power to the kitchen counter outlet after 10 minutes (probably left the tea kettle on keep warm)

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Here's power usage with keep warm enabled. Probably averages 200 watts.

Annoyingly, keep warm is enabled by default.

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I've reduced my propane cookstove use by about 80% now. Main thing I still use on it is a wok.

Induction range is gonna have to wait for a larger inverter.

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My latest cooking move: Boiling 1 cup of water with an electric teakettle. < 90 seconds.

(Cuisinart GK-1)

One of the other 4 aging geeks in the movie theater, the entire local audience to the first showing of Dune was the spitting image of Brandon Robinson (overfiend) from Debian.

(If it was you, dude, I almost said hi, but..)

Saw Dune in the theater.
I won't encourage anyone to do that right now, but I think it was worth it for me.

BTW, I think the last time I was in a movie theater was 2015!

Either at a mall or in a bad 80s acid trip.

hm, upgrading the kernel made my onewire temp sensor network, which had sensors constantly dropping out, suddenly very robust

hm, upgrading the kernel caused constant crashes with an oops in rt2800usb wifi

hm, upgrading the kernel somehow brought my old thinkpenguin atheros wifi dongle back from the dead


"What happens inside these training camps is a battle royal in miniature: The cells crowd together and desperately vie for access to the resources they need to survive. Their weapons are their antibodies, which they wave frantically about, trying to latch on to chunks of dead coronavirus, while a panel of other immune cells judges them from afar."


I'd never have read anything like this

note to self: it's great to have a fully automated system for building an image for the arm box that controls the entire house. but that is no excuse not to have a backup of it. also maybe test image builds sometime more often than once every 3 years

spent 8 hours last night building a new image after ssd ate all my inodes. spent this morning forward porting an out of kernel module to build on the new kernel in debian stable.


2nd page of ebook: "... This e-book is for your personal use only. ..."

3rd page of ebook: "This book is dedicated to all the librarians I know."

"a geriatric millenial" is a cursed term I encountered today

so "millenial" now means born after 1955?

Passed up sourdough loaf at farmers mkt because I have a nicer one I baked at home. wow

woke up at 4 am convinced that firefox's built-in json renderer was sufficient to let json be used for documents rather than html, resulting in something like gopher or gemini

my 4 am brain was wrong, but actually only a little bit.. strings being displayed in quotes is the only real problem with that idea

word wrapping, links, headers, basically all the rest of a minimalist document format are there in the json browser

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