speaker created 3d printed stethoscope, treated civilians on front lines of war, got shot.

"creating independancy" -- @trklou at amazing affecting LibrePlanet keynote.

Entire audience is choked up right now.

what a surprise finding a pristine sf mag from 1994 with the first printing of a LeGuin story in a bookstore's pile of Misc in 2019

it's rated to switch 35 kilowatts of high voltage DC. fun toy

new relay pulls 200 watts inrush, and blew a fuse on my workbench


Also ergh, another week of winter right as spring sets in? Every year? What am I thinking?

Looking forward to . Besides being a great and unique conference, having it in the same place each year has started to give it a nice homey feeling, which old haunts will I visit this time etc?

"Baba is You" is typed functional programming inside a roguelike.

PS, Amazon payments accounts support fractional cents, and do it apparently using floats. Not kidding.

with an async process that adjusts the balance later, cuz async processes are a good way to build correct systems

TIL my bank account is not denominated in any particular currency

$1 USD + $1 CAD = $2

went shopping for a DC relay and ended up with a GAE75 contactor capable of switching 35 kilowatts

may be just a *little* bit overkill for requirements

but, it's got magnetic arc chutes!

Is there any browser plugin that allows rejecting a website's javascript and substituting your own?

(Or perhaps a community-developed, free alternative js)

an documentation for software changes that's on par (ie none)

so my fridge has better sensor reliability than Boeing jet airplanes


ummm yeah, that makes no sense at all

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