just did git commit -m t

and if you look at the commit, it either makes total sense why I used that commit message, or it looks like an absolute nonsense change

• This Pin does not support digital IO
• In a stmt of a 'do' block: buttonpressed <- readfrom a7

Ohhh yeah

using type-level programming to keep a microprocessor's pins from being misued, as you do

after some hacking today, I can write this code using copilot that gets compiled into an arduino sketch that flashes the led on and off and also lights it up if a button is pressed

flash = clk (period 2) (phase 1)

main :: IO ()
main = arduino $ do
b <- button
led =: b || flash
delay =: constI16 100

at least hypothetically, I've not bothered to run haskell yada yada hardware

lol, github does not let me attach .c files to issues, I have to gzip them first

such impressive usability

anyhow, I filed a bug report on NASA code for a fencepost error, so I guess it was worth it? github.com/Copilot-Language/co

Yeah, I'm thinking about using a thing developed for NASA to automate my fridge

was thinking it would be nice to have a EDSL supporting FRP that generated C code that could run on

Then I found copilot-language.github.io/

I think the only part that's missing is the arduino hardware specific part!


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@dthompson I do wonder when the cross-pollinization from the FSF occurred..

"newly invented ‘abuse of power’ theory"

actual US political talking point #2020

(and I'm not intending to elevate IRC culture here.. it's cultured the way a cheese is)

am I the only one who, whenever I see some "influencer" picking hashtags is like, this is what happened to 90's IRC culture?!

lazing in my pj's, reached in a pocket and found a 5 inch bolt

oh yeah, these are my _construction_ pj's..

I let one little instance of dynamic typing into my program (using Typeable), and as a result I lost 2 hours to debugging

Shoulda known better.

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TIMELAPSE OF THE FUTURE: A Journey to the End of Time youtube.com/watch?v=uD4izuDMUQ a beautiful visualization of the infinity of time and space to come, dizzying, humbling and powerful

wandered the aisles of a big box store carrying a 6 foot tall, 50 lb iron rod with a pointy end, total medieval seige weaponry

(they're over in earthworks)

I may be the second person on the planet to try szechuan peppercorn coffee

cooked szechuan food for the first time today

also, it turns out, ate szechuan food for the first time today

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