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Omg Someone made an instance called "" :D LOVE IT!


Full-stack developer, been working with the web since the 90s. #HTML, #CSS, #Javascript, #Python, #PHP, enough #Ruby and #Node to get myself into trouble. #LAMP is fine but other stacks are fine too; I'm a quick learner.

Any position is okay; I've been out of the office for a while and I''d be happy doing just about anything as long as the income is stable.

Formal resume:

Please boost and share freely!

wanted: work

I am a copywriter, although I could do a lot of different kinds of writing. I bet I could do technical writing, if it came up. I know about marketing but honestly I don't like doing it very much.

I'm also an editor! And a regular writer! And a lot of other things!

If you know someone who needs me, or what I can do, please suggest me. I'm good at what I do and unemployed!


whenever i hear wonderwall i keep wanting to sing these lyrics in the pre-chorus:

one ring to rule them all one ring to find them /
to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

When I play the Stronghold military campaign and go a little bit overboard on a mission that can be completed almost without any fortifications.

I made it so Better TweetDeck displays "Jif" instead of "Gif" on a button for today and it's the best 3 lines of code I've ever written 😂

I've realised that some non-English-English speakers may be confused by the British reaction to Mark Zuckerberg sending other people in his place after his invitation to speak to the UK Parliament

While "you are invited to Parliament to speak on this subject" may be interpreted as "we'd like you come and talk if it's not too much bother" to some foreign ears, the phrase actually means "COME HERE RIGHT THIS SECOND YOU LITTLE SHIT AND EXPLAIN YOURSELF"

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I’ve tested seventy VPN providers and 16 of them leaks users’ IPs via WebRTC

(submitted by BlueGh0st)

2018 in four panels:

[1] *downloads new "universal messaging app"*
[2] *it's just a bunch of chrome webviews*
[3] *laptop fan enters Airplane Mode*
[4] *deletes new "universal messaging app"*

Oooooo! People have asked me about a #sexwork instance more than once, so it's cool to see one appear - there was definitely a need for it!


Coding in schools is becoming the post-industrial equivalent of the shop classes that used to train students to become the next industrial factory workers. Instead now it's training them to work in the new underpaid code monkey jobs of the capitalist post-industrial hellscape.

If you are a teacher teaching students to code, please teach them to try to go beyond this, teach them how to shape a better world and not to just fit into it the existing one that has no future for anyone.

Facebook: “This is their information. They own it”

BBC: “And you won’t sell it?”

FB: “No! Of course not.” Please help this 2009 interview of Facebook’s CEO get seen by people who don’t use Twitter. Here’s a download link so you can pull and repost it:

Today in “Reasons Why Mozilla Is My Favorite Organization”: they just released a new Firefox extension that isolates your Facebook identity from the rest of your browsing.

I support #deletefacebook as much as the next netizen, but in my view, steps like these are the ones with the greatest potential to change the future of the web. So much respect for Mozilla.

Yesterday night, while falling asleep, I realized that the invention of paper money was to the economy what the invention of the third person pronoun was to the spoken language, as explained by Benveniste: just as the third person pronoun allows communication about something that's "not here, not now", paper money allows for transactions of capital that's somewhere else, where neither party can see it, but they both know it's there...

#currency #semiotics

I've just finished playing INSIDE.

Is it good? Well... Let's say I've played through in one sitting over 5.5 hours, and I will play it again to hunt for secrets I've missed. If you like LIMBO you have to try this, LIMBO feels like a quick demo compared to INSIDE.

I did a blogpost about that hypercard zine.

Nothing fancy, just a quick introduction as to why Hypercard is great.

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