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Reminder: birds are dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are in fact still alive and kicking. "Sorry I'm late, I hit a large dinosaur on the way" is something you can actually say in a meeting.

Always worth remembering: post privacy is only as good as the respect of the instance admins that people follow you from.

There's an Eclipsis Adder Tour meetup tonight at waypoint 2, so let's get there.

Livestream from Rampage 2018 day one, now playing Kings of the Rollers featuring Inja. Drum and bass and dubstep fans, enjoy the fine tunes :

localhost was invented in 1973 by Mohammad Localhost after he tried to send an email to himself and it instead ended up on his friend Leslie Wan's computer, resulting in an emergent network condition known as embarrasment

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Meanwhile on Twitter, people say Vero won't last "just like Mastodon".

My italish in action in Brusell few days ago talking about how to do browser extensions.
#mozdem #firefox #opensource #fosdem2018

"Mozilla's DeepSpeech and Common Voice projects -
Open and offline-capable voice recognition for everyone"

Video is now available!


Watched the #FOSDEM Monero talk. It's nice that Monero fixes some of the failures of Bitcoin, but it's still based upon proof of work which is pretty disastrous from an environmental and decentralization point of view.

The questions were revealing. On the question of how Monero would stop five companies in China from controlling all of the hash power, like Bitcoin, the speaker avoided it and answered some different question about transactions. Proof of work with increasing hardness over time always favors the already rich who can build hashing factories at great expense. They might not be able to do it with asics, but for them that's just an implementation detail.
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