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Following cryptocurrency news about compromised exchanges and people being scammed is like learning lessons from a heavy-handed cartoon series from the 90s, except at the end of each episode we learn why an existing financial sector regulation exists instead of why friendship is good or racism is wrong.

December has begun, so also has Advent of Code!

Two programming puzzles of increasing difficulty per day for 25 days, any language will do and there are no memory or time constraints.

I'm dusting off my Python-foo, experienced pythonistas feel free to criticize my solutions for this event:

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Multiplayer FPS that takes stats from every match and renders layers of dust on surfaces where players don't walk as frequently

Want to catch someone out? Hide in a dusty corner.

Regarding narrative exploration games, or the so-called "walking simulators", I think one thing I'd like to see out of them are more incidental things for the player to do that have nothing to do with the story itself. The ones I've played have been all really focused on the story with only the occasional extra.

Tacoma had a couple of things like a playable pool table and the zero-g basketball game, but I'd like to see more of that.


"Hand out your troubles, give me your pain
I'll plant them next to the thorns in my veins
Tie your limbs to my crippled life
Hang on, I'll carry you around"

popular german holocaust denier, politician of the german party #AfD Hoecke got just gifted a monument.

A monument of shame and remembrance.
Why? Because he needs it the most.

#antifa #directaction made by 'political beauty' who are

- renting a house direct next to him
- creating an network infiltrating, observing and taking actions against the far-right. As known from #NSU process the state infiltrated those networks too, but to protect and support.

Oathbreaker will be playing the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels December 20, there are still tickets to grab.

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