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Jean-Karim Bockstael @jkb

@NinahMarie Tout le monde y est très nerveux dernièrement, par ici c'est bien plus reposant.

Je reviens de Twitter, on m'y croit "partisan de Mélenchon". Si jamais quelqu'un s'imaginait que ça aurait changé pour une raison ou une autre...

@FrenchFigaro So far so good, I have headphones at the office.

Probability of me killing someone before the end of the day: I've forgotten my iPod and headphones at home.

There is a french word for this quiet moment just before the sunset called "l'apéro" and i think it's beautiful.

@wilkie I can relate, mine wouldn't even consider any form on non-classical music to be really music.

Hey fellow tooters, do you know any people around here interested in these topics? I’d love to chat about them, I don’t know who to follow!

- music composition
- electronic music, chiptune
- VJing, live digital performances
- indie video games
- demoscene
- hardware hack (softcore cpus, gpus…)
- programming language design
- operating system design
- drawing, painting
- crafts (woodworking, sewing…)

I probably forgot some of my interests there, but it’s a start!

Boost is appreciated. :3

@Plumy Bandcamp, Soundcloud, ou YouTube. Je rebondis de proche en proche au gré des suggestions et je note ce qui m'accroche.

@beaufils Oh and now I can't get it to work either so I'm left wondering whether I am turning mad or this feature actually existed at some point. I should be working.

@SandG Nous on t'aime bien même quand t'es à cran, ça va aller.

Study finds gender bias in open-source programming: "Overall, women's contributions tend to be accepted more often than men's - but when a woman's gender is identifiable, they are rejected more often."