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Campaign to replace ‘AI’ and ‘Machine Learning’ with “Assumptions, Statistics and Software” wherever they are encountered.


Years of habitat preservation are finally getting noticed as the common buzzard is now indeed a quite common sight where I live.

Unfortunately those who keep small animals may learn this the hard way. I just read a report by someone whose Chihuahua dog didn't survive an attack

ISMVA004.3 // // techno // Germany // 2022 // Yes it's Thursday, yes I am tired, yes I am at the office, of course I need something strong

RAW First Blood 1/4 // // techno // France // 2018 // dark, filthy, industrial, straight to the point, includes a track by I Hate Models and that should be all you need to know

The good thing with hardcore shows on boats : you get circle pits the size of the entire venue. Tonight the Légia rocked to the sweet mellow sounds of Cold Veins and Get the Shot, and it was good

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What even is a "freeloader"? Who gets to decide that the activities of another person are not "worthy" for the society? Are artists freeloaders? Are parents playing with their children freeloaders? Are lovers freeloaders? Travelers? Storytellers? Clowns? Philosophers? Grumpy old men loudly complaining about others not doing what they should?

Lawaai - Underground Dark Techno Mix | April 2022 | 145 BPM | Nico Moreno, ØRGIE, SNTS & more // // fast hard-pounding techno // Slovenia // 2022


Ah yes, the joys of Enterprise Security Best Practices™

Woods of Desolation - As the Stars // // atmospheric black metal // Australia // 2014 // Give this band a listen if you like The Cure (I'm serious)

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Okay, this is amusing. This person is taking advantage of Rust not having built in protection against cosmic ray induced memory bit flips to have a software based cosmic ray detector.

The first album by Final Light is out, it's a collaboration between Perturbator and Johannes Persson (of Cult of Luna fame) so you know it's good stuff, and the digital version can be bought at whatever price you deem reasonable on

Jungbluth - Part Ache // // hardcore punk, post-hardcore, screamo // Germany // 2013 // Pure, intense

Neckbeard Deathcamp - White Nationalism is for Basement Dwelling Losers // // raw black metal // France // 2018

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Oops, #cloudflare down world-wide..

Taking a lotta sites down with it, I suppose. Maybe not centralize your infra, umm 🤔

Des Yeux - Drone to the Bone // // drone, kraut, noise, doom // Belgium // 2020

OK, it was great. Two solid hours of fine musicianship, go see them live if you have the chance

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Tonight's live show: Einstürzende Neubauten. Can't wait for it to start

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