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The Elder Scrolls games have these deities called Daedric Princes.

Dietrich Prinz was a pioneer in the very early history of video games.

This cannot be a mere coincidence

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I wanted to make an April Fool's joke settled in Tech, but then I remembered, that "the metaverse" and "NFTs" exist and that there's no joke that can compete with those two.

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Useful heuristic: when someone online says "this country", "the government", or something similar without context, the context is usually the USA.

(In English at least. In French it implies France which is the only francophone country in the world)

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I was going to start a new t-shirt fundraiser to try to recoup the remaining costs of server upgrades for this joint... But then Europe got complicated.

I don't need these funds, I'll be fine without them, but the people of Ukraine need all the help they can get.

We are selling these t-shirts, I think they are pretty cool. You can also donate to the fundraiser at the same page even if you don't want a shirt.

All proceeds from this sale will be donated to UNICEFUSA, with an earmark for aiding Ukrainian children and families displaced by this unspeakable violence and betrayal.

We as a community have been mighty, now it's time to be mighty for someone else, again.

Be the rust upon their gears... indeed.

Recruiter email, first paragraph:

"Are you a Full Stack Engineer superhero with the natural leadership abilities of Tony stark? offering more than the technical knowledge of Ironman?"

And these clowns wonder why we don't even bother replying

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"Tell me what password manager to use."

Not sponsored, but the only hardware secret manager I tested that you don't need to be an engineer to use.

I recommend engineers try Password Store encrypted to a Yubikey.

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The club I'm in probably has the worst DJ in the whole country, goddamn this is appaling.

An uncultured moron points at a kolovrat, says it's a black sun therefore nazi. In unrelated news, an uncultured moron blocks a norwegian instance because they're "rune users".

I can't wait for these uncultured morons to discover hinduism

Crescent - Carving the Fires of Akhet // // death metal // Egypt // 2021 // Enough with this Nile nonsense, get your egyptian-themed death metal straight from the source

Negură Bunget - Zău // // folk-infused black metal // Romania // 2021

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Very true 💯

The American pundits who can’t resist “Westsplaining” Ukraine. John Mearsheimer and other foreign policy figures are treating Russia’s invasion of Ukraine like a game of “Risk.” For Eastern European scholars like us, it’s galling to watch the unending stream of Western scholars and pundits condescend to explain the situation in #Ukraine and Eastern Europe, often in ways that either ignore voices from the region, treating it as an object rather than a subject of history, or claiming to perfectly understand Russian logic and motives. Eastern European online circles have started using a new term to describe this phenomenon of people from the Anglosphere loudly foisting their analytical schema and political prescriptions onto the region: “westsplaining.” And the problem with “westsplaining” is illustrated particularly well when pundits westsplain the role of the eastward expansion of #NATO in triggering #Russia’s attack.

White Ward - Love Exchange Failure // // atmospheric avant-garde black metal // Ukraine // 2019

"Hey come and cheer us for the Belgian Cup Final this Saturday!

Tickets are on sale from Monday to Thursday, at the ice rink only, during office hours only.

There won't be any ticket sale on match day.

You can't buy tickets online.

Please come!"

I don't know how to articulate my feelings about the invasion of Ukraine, so here's a dump:
- I hope everyone there is as safe as possible; no one should have to endure such horrors, anywhere, for any reason
- I am already very disappointed by the non-reactions to this act of agression amomg the "international community"
- monads and other "leftist" morons who will root for any imperialism as long as it's not their own empire's: fuck you
- don't you dare come at me with any form of whataboutism

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