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The Chemical Brothers - Escape Velocity // // electronic, big beat // UK // 2010 // Louder!

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Hi! I'm looking to credit the artist(s) that made several sets of custom emojis, can you help me find them? I'm looking for the people that made:
- the blobcats (:blob_aww:, :blob_cat_heart:)
- the blobraccoons
- the :amaze: emoji
- the sparkles with lgbt+ flag colors (:sparkles_panafrican:)
- the sparkling hearts with lgbt+ flag colors (like :heart_asexual: but with sparkles)

Thanks so much in advance!

City Girl - Neon Impasse // // chillhop // USA // 2018 // The desk is set to a standing height, the window lets in sone sunlight and a nice breeze, this is nice


According to my manager the first symptom of seniority is to spend more time in Office than in an IDE. Then you get more seniority and you spend most of your time in meetings, then in Office, and only if some time is left you get to write a bit of code (but it's mostly code review and changes). Can't wait!

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Meeting report is done and sent, now I can go back to writing software. I won't complain, this week I've spent more time in VS Code than I did in Office

City Girl - Chroma Velocity // // chillhop // USA // 2019 // It's report writing time, hooray for seniority

City Girl - Celestial Angel // // chillhop // USA // 2018 // Let's start the day with something smooth

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The company I work at is hiring.

Want to work at a sustainable webhosting company that cares about human rights, privacy, a open internet and all that kind of good stuff?

Have a look at our vacancies:

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any mastodon admin with ES enabled here ? what's your size on disk of the ES datas ?
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Call of Cthulhu: It's a book of great evil!

Me: Atlas Shrugged?

CoC: Near unreadable in its rambling, incoherent diatribe of horror!

Me: Atlas Shrugged.

CoC: Those who read it becomes monsters dedicated to the torment of humanity!

Me: Yeah, that's Atlas Shrugged.

(stolen from

Earth - Hibernaculum // // doom, drone // USA // 2007 // Still my favourite Earth record

Afous d'Afous - Tenere // // desert blues // Algeria // 2017 // Tuareg music is awesome

Also one of my fondest memories from Roadburn 2014

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The Great Old Ones - Tekeli-li // // atmospheric black metal // France // 2014 // Awesome concept album based on the Lovecraft novel "At the Mountains of Madness"

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The last few months have been difficult and I'll have bills to pay soon so I'd appreciate some help!
Check out my shop for original art, prints, bookmarks etc:
Or throw me a coin if you want:
Please boost, thanks 💙

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

Mamaki Boys - Patriote // // hip-hop, dancehall // Niger // 2007 // Sahel Sound just re-released this nice nugget of pure energy

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"Musk looked tired and uncomfortable as he said the company had come within weeks of death, and described how the experience “hurts my brain and my heart.” He didn’t mention in that interview what his demands had meant to those who worked for him—to the people who had been fired, those who had been screamed at, or those who’d worked long weekends at the Gigafactory."

From "Dr. Elon & Mr. Musk: Life Inside Tesla's Production Hell", Wired, 2018

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