Show more is running an Isolation Sale, and many games are 100% off. Yup, you can get them for free.

Email to all employees, "How to deal with fear and anxiety during confinement". I won't read it, it's funnier to believe that it only contained an animated GIF of Snoop Dogg.

That moment when you haven't left the house for two days but only just realized that there was no nationwide lockdown in effect yet.

Confinement, day three: hooray for dub techno.

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bandcamp is waiving its revenue share this friday, March 20

if you want to support artists/labels, they will get the full amount of any and all sales on that day

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"if you're a communist how come you accept donations for your work"

ah yes, receiving compensation for labour, that thing communists famously hate,

"I mαde a spliτ-screen vιdeο. The firsτ parτ recorded τhe video yοu were vιewiηg (you'e got an exceρtionαl tαste hahα), αηd τhe next ρart recοrded yοur webcam (Yep! t's you \ doiηg nαsτy things!)."

Left half: most probably PBS Eons
Right half: me shoveling nachos into my mouth in unhealthy amounts.

Confinement, day two: my dog is visibly confused that I'm home but busy.

"Grab your laptop and go home, the office is in lockdown until further notice."


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While we're all focused on the Corona crisis the US government is quietly pushing an internet #surveillance bill that is aimed at abolishing message encryption:

We should probably pay attention to this and spread awareness even if we are not American:

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“How’s the US handling Coronavirus?”
“Okay so imagine you shut off all the error logging in production”
“That’s it.”
(stolen from elsewhere)

Get The Shot - No Peace In Hell // // thrash metal, hardcore // Canada // 2014

Roni Size, Reprazent - Brown Paper Bag // // drum'n'bass // UK // 1997

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Because if the pandemic the Berlin Philharmonic is not going to have an audience tonight, and instead will be streaming online live (for free)! The concert is at 8 pm Berlin time today with two repeat performances tomorrow (8pm) and Saturday (7pm).

8 pm on Berlin is 3 pm in the East Coast US.

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