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Why I'll never install cloud-based security cams...

Google Home Hub shows stills of other people's Xiaomi security cameras:

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> `SSH key files '/home/eeva/.ssh/id_rsa' and '/home/eeva/.ssh/' have been generated under ~/.ssh to allow SSH access to the VM.`


did the azure-cli tool *just overwrite* my main SSH key pair?
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Working more than 40 hours a week is less productive. Working more than 40 hours a week is less productive. Working more than 40 hours a week is less productive. Working more than 40 hours a week is less productive.

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Theory: Older people aren't worse at discovering or using new technology. UIs are just worse at conveying function/intent

Some evidence:

"Beginning users and many intermediates relied almost exclusively on visible cues for finding commands. They relied on (and found intuitive) menu bars and tool bars, but did not use pop-up (or “context”) menus, even after training."

"All but the most advanced users did not understand how to manage overlapping windows efficiently."

Merry Christmas (or whatever you're celebrating), CET people. Cheers from Montreal.

Vacation time, no for the next two weeks. Toots may or may not be maple-flavoured during that time.

Skygaze - Freedom // // future jazz, instrumental hip-hop // Spain // 2018

City Girl - Celestial Angel // // chillhop // USA // 2018 // I'm glad I've found this artist.

During most of my career I've worked without an IDE, only using a text editor and some CLI tools. At my previous job the CTO smiled when I mentioned this during the interview, saying he liked that without telling me why.

Now I understand: it forced me to design things so they are simple enough to fit into my head.

The codebase I'm working on right now has been written by people who love both IDEs and OOP design patterns. It's a painful convoluted mess.

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parallels between Star Wars movies & Sonic the Hedgehog games:

* they made one good one like 30 years ago

* every 3rd one or so, people
sympathetically try to pretend is good

* artificially kept alive via quadrillions of dollars and people praying the next one might somehow recapture the magic

* every goddamn one of them is a disaster

* fans are a threat to public safety and decency

* made by a boardroom of fucking robots, every iteration is completely soulless and corporate; hasnt been about art or fun for decades

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all i wanna do is


and then 🐣 🐥

and take your money

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Most of today's work has been me trying to understand a quite large and quite convoluted part of the application's code. Of course there's no documentation anywhere, names don't mean shit, comments are still forbidden it seems, and the guy who wrote this isn't reachable for questions.

Self-documenting code is a scam.

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