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American Truck Simulator fans: SCS Software will give away three keys for the Utah DLC during today's stream, starting 16:00 UTC.

Neige Morte - TRINNNT // // experimental black noise // France // 2017

Vonnis - Bikini Season // // hardcore punk, powerviolence // Belgium // 2019

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TIL the Windows XP wallpaper is literally on fire and it's a perfect metaphor for the tech industry right now and also very disconcerting

YouTube is suggesting 1979 for the next track.


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And I say:
Oh no, sir! I must say you're wrong.
I must disagree.
Oh no, sir! I must say you're wrong.
Won't you listen to me?

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a guide to types of women 

London Elektricity - Time To Think (feat. Inja & The Secretary-General) // // drum'n'bass // UK // 2019 // "Bring your kids to work day", the London Elektricity way

Blut Aus Nord - 777 - The Desanctification // // post black metal // France // 2011

// Navigation tab clicked
public navigationTabClicked: Signal = new Signal();

Thanks for this extremely helpful comment line. At least there's a comment, and I guess it counts as documentation.

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