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After wasting quite some time wondering why something I wrote doesn't work:

"This feature was added in SomeLibrary 3.5.0"

The project uses SomeLibrary 3.2.0, things break if someone tries to upgrade it.

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#bash / shell scripting / #unix hot take:
giving different output depending on whether stdout is a terminal or a pipe is bad because it makes introspecting pipelines harder

if the user wants to paginate things they should:
- use a terminal that does that by default (all hail #plan9 and rio)
- just pipe things into more or less

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Oh, #Cloudflare was having issues and brought a lot of websites down with it? That's not great.

But thankfully it's not that hard to roll out your own "DDoS protection" (or caching; just call it caching) setup. Here, you can even use our configs:

Yes, we use them in production, serving sometimes hundreds of thousands views per day.

Patches welcome. #SysAdmin

This reminds me of that guy who was fed up with Heroku and wanted to take control of everything so he migrated everything to his own server, a virtual server, an Amazon EC2 instance.

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Imagine... Making your messenger...

This post was sponsored by Modern Techstartups.

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"Non à la et la !"

Je… quoi ?

"Inventez votre propre phobie sans être englué dans l'idiotie utile des mouvements à l'extrême gauche de l'échiquier politique nés après 1968."


> homme blanc
> Framapiaf
> "amateur de metal"

Je crois que je viens de gagner un truc.

> 0 in [null, undefined]

Fuck you JavaScript.

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HN was asked "What do you do on an Android phone that cannot be done on an iPhone?"

My response: Termux.

I've got an actual userland Linux shell and package ecosystem, with 1,231 available packages ... including standard shell tools, editors, and scripting languages, plus several Android-specific tools and APIs....

Surprisingly well received. And yes, #Termux does rock.

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only 90s kids remember when recaptcha was helping project gutenberg transcribe old books instead of feeding the google machine learning beast so they can make cars

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45893 unread emails, and they are still coming.

My inbox now has about FOURTEEN THOUSAND unread items. It turns out this is because someone restarted a service that "may have been stuck for a couple monthes".

I guess monitoring went out of fashion while I was looking elsewhere.

Someone is restarting services, in coordination with someone else who is also restarting services. Apparently these seemingly separate services have to start in a specific sequence, otherwise nothing works. No script was ever written to ensure these restarts happen in the right order, no one seems to think this would be a good idea.

@trickster Pretty sure they would quickly die of malnutrition and dehydration. I don't think MANLY WATER exists, and it seems only red meat and chili peppers are marketed FOR MEN.

Making a change to a shared library: about ten minutes.

Getting the goddamed broken build system to comply and actually build my changes so I can test them: the last two hours.


Remember the mailing-list for front devs, the one with a mix of automated stuff, log stuff, and actual human-written content? Something is fucking up in some backend, my inbox currently has 7599 unread items.

"Now is the perfect time for an RSS renaissance" they say on a blog that doesn't provide any RSS feed, only an Atom one.

This is so extremely "Google-era Web" it hurts.

Boeing outsourced engineering to the lowest bidder, the whole project was past deadline and over budget, 346 people died.

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