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IT replied to my inquiries regarding the struggling service that's kind of blocking me…

…with the "this is fine" GIF, the one with a cartoon dog surrounded by fire.

Judging by the number of Nerf darts flying around, I'm not the only who can't work because of broken services.

Some service is struggling, therefore I can't login into the app I'm supposed to debug because HAVING TRULY LOCAL DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENTS IS USELESS IT SEEMS. Fuck's sake.

Oh well, this is still billable time.

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Justin Bell - Pillars of Eternity OST // // Only downside of listening to beautiful RPG music at work: I want to go home and play.

Jeremy Soule - Skyrim Exploration Suite // // Nice compilation of ambient tracks from Skyrim, with a couple sound effects thrown in for added immersion.

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Building the most inaccessible site possible with a perfect Lighthouse score.
I loved that article because people get quite patronizing with scores sometimes without really checking what's under the hood, we must not trust these numbers blindly!

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After a very long debate and discovering that the word for “servant” was actually more akin to “family member you take care of who helps in the house”, they chose to create a new word that means “mistreated servant”.

Everything else felt too benign to the horror of slavery.

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They never owned pack animals or sled dogs, and so the concept of FORCING a person or an animal to do something that they don’t WANT to do does not exist in the language at all.

There isn’t even a word for forced.

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That afternoon, I got to witness something amazing with the translators.

In translating the books of the Bible, theyll often come up with words or concepts that are completely foreign to Naskapi.

In that case, they often have to create a new word.

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computers men: i want to make a computer do a thing that humans do

me: maybe you should ask the humans who do that thing how they do it

computers men: preposterous. absurd

Sleep - Dopesmoker // // stoner doom // USA // 2013 // DROP OUT OF LIFE WITH BONG IN HAND

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thanks apple I'm actually burning my hands just writing on the keyboard
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"The Pro Stand resembles the iMac G4 display arm in functionality, with the addition of rotation, and is an additional $999 purchase. A VESA adapter is $199. The display does come with a basic stand."

Seriously? Are Apple buyers aware that these are features of any basic stand out there? The display stand I'm using at home came with all these for 300€ INCLUDING THE ACTUAL DISPLAY ITSELF.

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It seems to me like it's too easy to see problem X, and set yourself a goal of solving it, but then decide "I should start a company" is the solution. Then over time your goal slips from solving problem X to making lots of money.

Struggling with the in-house validation lib: three hours.

Giving up and implementing my own validation for this terms and conditions form that will be used exactly once: ten minutes.

I Hate Models - Spreading Plague // // industrial techno // France // 2018

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