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Tonight I'm seeing Amenra play live so naturally I'm hyped as heck, but then I've checked the running order and OMG DAGGERS IS OPENING THIS IS LIKE CHRISTMAS ONLY BETTER!

mfw someone says some silly shit about "kilometers"

found this picture on a manufacturer website and I think it has meme template potential

Someone: "Science is a precise and exact thing with definite answers that everyone in the field agrees on"

Chemists: Haha no

Physicists: *maniacal laughing*

Linguists: *fistfighting each other whilst cackling like hyenas*

Programming, when studied deeply and trying to be conscious about the process it's a really interesting topic. It makes you learn about yourself and the way you think.

It helps you learn about how people thinks.
It teaches you about how to tell stories, how to teach, how do you structure your own mind.

Programming is teaching a stupid machine to look like it's thinking, so you have to know really well what thinking means. Also what teaching means.

What making progress in software development feels like:

"Today I'll write $thing, so I can work on $other_thing tomorrow."

Later that day: "Turns out $thing wasn't very easy, so I split it into 5 sub-things and implemented the first today."

Next day: "Today I'll work on sub-thing 2/5."

Later next day: "Turns out that sub-thing wasn't very easy, so I split it into 5 sub-sub-things and implemented the first today."

J'ai publié sur la fin de la beta une série let's play qui passe en revue tout ce qu'il y a à faire sur la première carte du jeu, le tout après un bon 50h d'expérience donc a priori ceux qui ont des questions y trouveront les réponses :


Dawn of Man, le nouveau jeu de survie/city-building par les créateurs de Planetbase, est disponible depuis ce matin. J'ai totalisé plus de 68h de jeu pendant la beta et je vous recommande vivement d'y jeter un œil si vous avez aimé Planetbase ou Banished.

Disponible dès à présent sur Steam ( ) et GOG ( )

Dawn of Man, the new survival/city-builder game by the authors of Planetbase, has been released this morning. I accumulated over 68h of play time during the closed beta, and strongly recommend you check it out if you enjoyed Planetbase or Banished.

Available right now on Steam ( ) and GOG ( )

computer scientists in the 60s: "cool, we can do math with computers! And we have these amazing beautiful programming languages that can perform effortless recursion! I wonder what new vistas of thought this will open up!"

techbros in the 2010s: "we paid a bunch of Turkish people to generate 150 gigabytes of training data and shoved it into tensorflow. We'll put it on top of a JS app running in a virtual electron environment on the cloud. It's like uber but for marmosets."

*looks at your means of production*

☭w☭ what's this

This #PixelArt by Mark Ferrari from 1996 🤩

"From Seize The Day calendar utility, and later used in the computer game, Magic: The Gathering - BattleMage, by Akklaim. Constructed to animate by color cycling, and change time of day and weather condition by means of palette shift."

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