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whoever scammed people into thinking "cowboy" is a tough, rugged thing to be called, dang

"cowboy" is the most tender, fuzzy, 'uwu smol bean' thing to be called. Like picture it

This should of course have read "dark UX" but I guess some part of my subconcious is trying to make a political statement.

"Jean-Karim, you have 2 job changes, 1 message and 108 new updates waiting for you on LinkedIn"

> Logs into LinkedIn
> Checks Messaging
> No new message

Is there a word for this special brand of dark US where you flat out lie to the user?

#CopyleftConf is about to start, and if you couldn't join us, you can watch all the talks from the livestream on our site!

Behemoth live at the Ancienne Belgique, Brussels. That was a very fine way to close this year's FOSDEM weekend.

Chiptune on Saturday, metal on Sunday. Wolves In The Throne Room were nice, waiting for At The Gates and Behemoth to hit the stage.

Having a beer with your instance admin: 11/10, would recommend.

Current status: trying to channel some energy to go to Bytenight.

People of , please leave your huge backpacks at home or at the coat check service please.

I'm not interested in the clout debate, but when people who have some clout on Twitter choose to stay there because of it, I can't help but think of the scene in the Office where Michael talks about Ryan's promotion:

"So, Ryan got promoted to corporate where he is a little fish in a big pond. Whereas, back here in Scranton, I am still top dog in a fairly large pond. So, who is the real boss, the dog or a fish?"

OK nerds, show of hands: who's at FOSDEM this weekend?

when did people stop doing the panda eye makeup. i miss when i was a teenager and everybody looked like a panda. theyre going extinct

Inside and Limbo are currently heavily discounted on the Steam Store, and these two games are awesome.

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