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I just wrote a (ranty) post about #WebKit and #Chrome monoculture on the wake of #Microsoft
dropping #EdgeHTML:

We're in real danger of a #browser engine monoculture happening and this is quite dangerous for the #web ecosystem.

There's a Medicare For All study that, predictably, says it saves a ton of money. And there's a reddit thread about it.

Then there are people who SOUND like they are disagreeing with the substance study but are really making a small academic point bout difference between single payer vs multi-payer systems, but aren't objecting to the cost savings which are like 99.99% of the substance of the study.

And people are replying to THAT saying "yeah, see, this is why we can't trust the study."

i keep expecting the waiting room chairs to finishing loading their images

1/35 Hitachi Excavator ZAXIS 135US [Hasegawa] - [Painting and Weathering scale models - Tutorial]

pros of linux:
- type la -Ra / to look like a hacker
- super tux cart
- get to feel like you're better than everyone

cons of linux:
- doesn't have windows defender
- richard stallman hires a hitman to kill you if you install non-free software
- crashes if you try to use the CPU cache as a boot disk

Nature: ok little guy, so do you want to hop or scurry or burrow or--
Bat: fl.y
Nature: um, you mean "glide?"
Bat: FLY
Nature: Listen, there aren't any other mammals that--
Bat: :hacker_f: :hacker_l: :hacker_y:
Nature: For fucks sake FINE, you can fly
Bat: thank

Every programmer should be required to learn about Therac-25 and the Ariane 5 explosion. And if they laugh at those and don't take lessons away from it, they don't deserve to be programmers.

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