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Jean-Karim Bockstael

How many white people does it take to change a light bulb? Show more

A special thank you to @CobaltVelvet our beloved cyber mom. You have no idea how much time and effort she puts into all this.

Today is the last friday of July, it's SysAdmin Day. Take some time to thank these people whose obscure work keep everything up and running.

Problem: YouTube on Android wants you to get "premium" before it will play videos in the background.

Solution: Firefox Android +

You're welcome.

From Metal Underground on Facebook.

"The urban loom weaves food webs from weft and warp that are thrown together by chance, linking species in new and exciting patterns."

hey, i've been up for way too long, thanks


Mall of Ktulu
Of Golf and Man
Fade to Slack
The Thong That Should Not Be

My phone: "You're running low on storage: 1.00 GB available."


Nothing says “fascist government” quite like trying to pass laws that specifically target anti-fascists.

Must admit, I didn't expect GDPR to be the huge boon it has been. Not over privacy or anything, just the amount of sites I click onto from Hellbird that cover the article in permissions notices is huge.

All that ends up happening is instead of clicking allow, it's just enough friction for me to go 'you know what, I didn't want to read this anyway' and go back to what I was doing.

Two Documentaries Introduce Delia Derbyshire, the Pioneer in Electronic Music


Steve has opened a massage parlour. Steve has no idea what he is doing....

* Origin: Twitter (

When someone starts telling a really long story I've heard six times before

tried: game dev tycoon
wired: game dev raccoon

For all these "CSS is bad" people, I'd like to remind to them on how good websites were when there was no standards and every browser did whatever the f*ck they wanted to do with their tags and displays.

So good web developers had to make two different sites for IE and NS, and force the user to have the knowledge of which site should they enter.

Yeah, no...

Just because some people don't know how to properly use CSS that doesn't mean its bad. Stop calling everything bad, please.

"But the core intent of trolling is the opposite: it’s not just to provoke, but to run away from the responsibility of the joke itself."