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The mastoverse, as part of an assignment for a uni subject. More visualizations soon #gephi #dataviz

"Each time Cate Blanchett wears a suit, a lesbian is born."


De retour dans Cities: Skylines pour une heure, encore avec commentaire mais toujours sans cris ni facecam, venez :

How Information Overload Robs Us of Our Creativity: What the Scientific Research Shows

SUMMARY: #adblockers are often super shady, and two of the few trustworthy ones are uBlock Origin and #Firefox Focus.

Please Stop Using Adblock (But Not Why You Think)

Ah yes, after a long day at work in front of a computer I'm going to go home and relax by... sitting in front of a computer

De-Google your phone:

> ...this was a worthwhile experiment beyond mere political and idealistic reasons. However, setting up such a “Google free” phone requires a significant amount of time, dedication, and skill (not to mention a personal server), definitively far beyond to what I’d trust my mother to comprehend.’s definitively still possible to have an useful smartphone that’s running mostly FOSS and no Google proprietary stuff!

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Le troisième épisode de ma série commentée Cities: Skylines commence maintenant en direct sur et sera archivé ensuite sur

Oh tiens le libristux en chef nous fait un Eolas.

I think it's excellent to commemorate significative events like the Haymarket Massacre on #MayDay. I also think workerism is a drag and we must learn to think beyond the industrial era that created the concept of the subordinate worker. The show must move on.

Apparently our building elevators have a communication system that can be dialed from outside, and since they are, well, elevators, they automatically pick up the call. Now some spammers have the elevator number and the elevators being robodialed with offers for timeshare vacations that can't be disconnected by the riders.

Taking the stairs, thanks.

OK, all you #Mastodon instance admins, this might be the beginning of a new wave of users coming onto the network.
Twitter sold data to Cambridge Analytica; data sales accounted for 13% of Twitter's revenue in 2017


Je reprends à Cities: Skylines après le stream de jeudi, une heure de live commenté sans crier sur qui sera ensuite sur YouTube.

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