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@strypey Thanks for these references, I'll make sure to go through them at some point.

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@val @bram We all know this is the real reason why 17" laptops exist.

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Joker: Do you want to know how I got these scars?

me: I don’t see any

Joker: they’re emotional

me: oh

Joker: my father you see-

me: isn’t there a therapist you could be seeing for this?

Joker: I was but it got to where I couldn’t afford it. It’s that or eating, you see?

me: damn ain’t that some shit

Joker: why do you think I steal?

me: I guess the real joke was the American healthcare system all along

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[Reading] "Write good git commit message", Matej Jellus (

@strypey Couple years ago a cousin of mine took his life because he couldn't free himself from heroin addiction. I remembering telling me "you can do pretty much anything you want in life, but there are two things you absolutely have to avoid: heroin and prison" (he knew both from experience).

I'm curious about many things but I too won't go near any opioids, and I'm thankful I live in a country where medical practitioners are reluctant to prescribe them.

@strypey We also agree on that, and clearly the Portugal experiment shows that decriminalizind drug usage is the first step to great public welfare improvements. Hopefully such decriminalization will make large-scale studies easier and we will have a better understanding of how these drugs work.

@strypey You're right, it's addiction but on a different level and scale, and that's what I meant by saying we have to do more research on the whole subject of addiction: it's not only psychological, it's not only physical, it's not well-understood enough and yet we play with potentially addictive drugs everywhere all the time (be it medical, recreative, or otherwise).

@strypey I hadn't, I did and two things struck me: first, the still relatively low number of abusers on the long term; second and more perplexing, thirty days of painkillers after wisdom tooth surgery? Here in Belgium you'd get at most a couple days worth of codeine after wisdom tooth surgery, nobody in their right mind would give a month worth of opiods to teenagers.

No wonder the US has an addiction problem if they prescribe Vicodin like it's paracetamol. Boy that healthcare system is fucked.

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"JavaScript growth and third parties" by Steve Souders

"JavaScript is the main cause for making websites slow. [Compared to 7 years ago, ] 1st-party JS doubled from 53 KB to 106 KB. 3rd-party JS octupled (!) from 32 KB to 258 KB."

What's most remarkable is that this happened even with the rise of bundlers, which effectively make 3rd-party JS "look" like 1st-party. In other words, that 1st-party growth is probably node_modules; the 3rd-party growth is ads/trackers/???.

@lucasbenard Avec une nuance sur le deuxième point : l'UE assure la paix en UE, pas en Europe. Je ne suis pas sûr qu'en Bosnie ou en Ukraine on ait connu plus de 70 ans de paix. But the bones would make it hard to properly coil. A penis faucet, on the other hand...

Crypto bullshit 

@ben Want more age limit nonsense? In Belgium it is illegal to sell any alcohol to someone under 16, but between 16 and 18 they can have any fermented drink up to 22% vol alcohol and any distilled drink up to 1.2% vol. Yes, 1.2%, not 12%.

So if you're 17 you can get drunk on a strong beer (and we have many of these here) or a stronger wine, but it's not OK to order even the lightest gin & juice.

Crypto bullshit 

@dolfsquare Didju c'est une belle prise ton gars là, sa timeline me fascine.

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