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Who even the fuck is in charge of making up these James Bond-ass names for security vulnerabilities? Heartbleed. Meltdown. Spectre.

To think that if the Linux kernel mailing list had got their way, it would be FUCKWIT

(that's why the LKML doesn't get their way lol)

I've been curious about simracing lately, mainly because simulators always fascinated me.

In online communities the consensus basically is: when going past rookie you *need* high-end controller hardware.

Rudy van Buren recently won the McLaren simracing competition, using a Logitech G290 [1]. Before that he used a G27 [2]. Both are entry-level hardware.

Remember that next time you think you need better gear to get any progress.



@dashie It's because the Slack logo has the exact same meaning.

"There is nowhere left to hide
There is nothing to be done
No people to be saved
No pets we've never names
40 miles from the sun"

> How's your day going? I ran "source .bash_history" instead of "source .bash_profile"

Petit fait marrant pour les Français, francophones franco-centrés que nous sommes : sur les 10 plus grandes agglomérations francophones au monde, une seule est en France (Paris, seconde juste derrière Kinshasa !). 8 sont en Afrique et 1 en Amérique du Nord (Montréal) :-)

@Elizafox Over here we have "Jimmy Joy" (formerly "Joylent") which is basically Solylent but with a nice taste.

It's nice and handy, but I wouldn't live only on this as some Soylent fanatics do.

@dolfsquare Le MBTI est à l'origine un outil d'écriture, pour concevoir des personnages de fiction. C'est totalement bullshit et pourtant j'en connais qui refusent des candidats sur base de ce "test".

Bien sûr il y a des formations et des certifications à vendre, par une société qui fait tout pour faire oublier l'origine du MBTI. Voilà voilà, de la belle grosse arnaque qui fait du mal à plein de monde.

Q: why do anti-capitalists only drink herbal tea?

A: because proper tea is theft!

Every time I see the awesome work of the Special Effect people it reminds me of the responsibility we have as software engineers: we may be able-bodied but not everybody is, it's up to us to make our software accessible to as many users as possible.

And yet we build websites that break when someone tries to increase the text size. That's plain wrong. Machines must adapt to people, not the other way around.

Yesterday and today Frontier Developments ran a 24h fundraising livestream to get nerds to give money to the Special Effect charity instead. That worked out quite well as a total of £53,680 was raised, nicely overshooting the £25,000 target.

Special Effect makes hardware and software to allow people with disabilities to play videogames. This may seem like a futile goal, but remember that games are also a social activity these people were denied.

That's from "The Recipe" by Kendrick Lamar and Dr Dre, for those interested.

The best time to plant a tree is ten years ago.

The next best time is now.

But don't expect to harvest anything this year if you're only planting the tree now. Not even if you plant a hundred trees. Not even if you throw all the horse shit you can manage at the field, either.

- Jaycie Holder on project management


(note to self: visit Los Angeles someday)

@Doshirae Quand on est payé pour le faire ça passe un peu mieux.

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