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@smonff Juste ce qu'il me fallait pour me sortir la tête du cul, impeccable. Merci !

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@wxcafe @Nihl * Michael Bay aime ça *

Pas un voisin qui a besoin d'essence pour sa tondeuse ?

@CobaltVelvet Being cute is more important than being pretty, though.

@Nihl @wxcafe Par contre certaines pompes facturent une livraison minimale de genre cinq litres, non? Du coup faudrait en profiter pour faire aussi le plein, pour bien faire.

Me using wired earphones:
• Plug in jack

Me using wireless earphones:
• Switch on earphones, Bluetooth & connect
• Press play
<Plays on phone's speaker>
• Stop, disconnect & reconnect, play
<Plays on phone's speaker>
• Restart, try all over again
<Earphone battery dies> 😭

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@CobaltVelvet I had pizza in mind, Soylent TASTES LIKE cardboard but is packaged in plastic.

@CobaltVelvet There is only one difference between a CTO in a startup and an actual jail inmate: the former east food out of cardboard box, the latter out of an aluminium tray.

Soela - New Blood 018 Mix // // Enjoy this healthy dose of new breaks, from a very promising Russian DJ and producer.

@CobaltVelvet Oh OK, for a moment I thought you were scrolling for these specific sudden tiddies. One never knows what may happen when you're involved, you cheeky hackerkitty.

@CobaltVelvet DON'T YOU DARE LOOK INTO MY INBOX. Dammit, these things are private, the heck do you think you're doing?

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