@merricat Achète des attaches trombones pour être sûre d'en avoir au retour.

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Happy Stanislav Petrov day, everyone – as bad as the world can be, I'm still glad it didn't end in 1983!


@Yahiko FiiO E10. J'en ai deux, depuis huit ans, c'est que du bonheur.

@walruslifestyle My home setup is quite abysmal, but then again there's nothing crucial on there. I don't risk bankruptcy or a lawsuit if my MP3 files are lost.

More insider info : this is the second time this exact scenario has happened.

Define "sentient being".

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@walruslifestyle Yes, this is a dizzying level of incompetence.

@CobaltVelvet It looks more and more like it. It's a full-Microsoft stack everywhere anyway.

Insider info : that whole attack was… some crypto-ransomware that happily encrypted everything it could find on the VPN.

Yes, including all production.

In any sane company this would have been solved by restoring from backups. Sane companies have backups. This comany isn't sane.

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But ! There are good news ! A new Bitbucket instance has been created ! On a new domain (because of reasons), using aggregated local repositories from developer machines.

Of course the whole PR history is lost, why would you ask? Oh, and it's only reachable through the VPN, for which we don't have credentials yet.

We're still waiting for : pretty much everything else, starting with the rest of the Atlassian suite that also wasn't backed up.

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A whole week has passed by, in the meantime we all had to bring our company laptops to IT to let them do… uh… stuff. All VPN access credentials have (finally) been revoked, everyone had to file a new access request. Apparently all these requests have to go through the CTO for approval, for each of several hundred employees.

All this was on Monday, today is Thursday and I'm still waiting for my access credentials (and wonder how the hell they're going to send them to me).

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cursed text book, apparently how business people think 

re: tinder 

re: tinder 

@Miaourt @Madeorsk Il ne serait rien sans le formidable tremplin que Ruquier a donné à sa carrière. Tremplin qu'il a également accordé à Polony, Naulleau, Buggraf, Consigny, … c'est un chouette décrouvreur de talents l'ami Ruquier.

@Doshirae C'est vachement bien la technologie quand même.

@IngaLovinde @dankwraith That's a monthly figure, there may have been some confusion in the author's mind as many of these travellers from mainland China are workers who commute daily from Schenzen because of the insane housing prices in Hong Kong.

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