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Jean-Karim Bockstael

@devnull @xakan Merci pour le tuyau!

Actuellement le curseur est totalement placé du côté "juste marche" parce que ça ne me pose aucun problème et que j'ai pas forcément envie de consacrer du temps à configurer une machine au lieu de juste l'utiliser.

@xakan Haha réponse valable en effet. Je me demandais si cette distro a un avantage particulier pour laptop, genre une meilleure autonomie obtenue parce que tout est plus léger ou quelque chose du genre. Je fais tourner mon laptop en Ubuntu parce que j'ai pas cherché à savoir ce qui se faisait de cool d'autre, d'où ma curiosité.

@wxcafe Maybe thick air is dense with vapours, that could condense at any time. AFter all "out of the blue" means "out of the blue sky" so excludes any cloud.

@CobaltVelvet Maybe it was the natural first step when trying to abstract machine code: just make something that works in the same way but is slightly more readable. In my opinion the biggest mistake is object-oriented programming as we know it.

@Deuchnord À un moment tu les connais donc tu peux provoquer la situation drôle quand t'es prêt à filmer, ou au moins l'anticiper.

The Hospitality in the Park 2017 aftermovie is out, and boy does it bring back sweet memories.

Nazis shouldn't be welcome anywhere. You'd just be creating a safe space for them to harass people for the sake of "debate" and "free speech" while the marginalized are too intimidated to speak. Fuck Nazis and fuck their enablers.

Planetary nebula such as M97 are nebulae that are the penultimate stage in death of stars around the mass of the Sun.

@DragonIV But wait, you usually play *only* Elite when not taking a 2-months break from it ?

@DragonIV You need to go immerse yourself in some pretty shinies very far away CMDR, grab an exploration ship and leave the grind behind.

That being said... what are you flying to consider 200 Ly to be a long trip?

I have been guilty of promoting victorian values over socialist ones in the past and didn't even realize it.

@Siphonay Ha! Mine will come earlier than that! SUCK IT!

Thoughts on Gamergate in light of #MeToo Show more

Thoughts on Gamergate in light of #MeToo Show more

@CobaltVelvet Oh THAT kind of criticism. Okay. We agree then.

@CobaltVelvet On the other hand you can't have progress without criticism. As long as it's provided in a polite and constructive manner, it is in my opinion an actual contribution to the project.