@oleksiy I usually describe White Ward to friends as "Shining, but better"

Tonight was all about black metal that lets itself be influenced. First the doomy black metal of Bockreiter (Liège, Belgium), then the jazzy black metal of White Ward (Odessa, Ukraine)

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Hi! Good Morning (or evening, or afternoon, or whatever is appropriate for your particular geography and mental state)

I'm looking for advice, tips, tutorials, and starting points for customizing my OBS experience, and polishing my presentation.

I can think of a few ways to implement things like lower thirds, a live display of a hashtag chat room, and easy to trigger events, but it's likely there are better ways!

Do you have any resources for beginners?

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Remember the refrain: „There is no data, only software at rest“. NFTs are essentially a weird form of linking to content and - surprise - that content can be malware, stealing your fantasy coins. Via @glynmoody@twitter.com theregister.com/2021/10/17/in_

Oh boy that felt good. First live show since 2019, old school hardcore because fuck yeah

@crowdagger Haha merde ma belgitude m'a fait lire "Université Catholique de Louvain" d'abord, ça m'étonnait qu'ils défendent Poutou du coup

@finlaydag33k Haha yes indeed, there's definitely a couple issues when it comes to temper and entitlement. May I say he's a brilliant salesman in the body of a teenager who smokes too much weed?

@crazypedia I usually call it "energy potion", but "elixir of life" sound much better

@AugierLe42e Boh remarque si tu peux pas y circuler tu peux pas non plus aller t'y garer, d'où l'importance de mettre les Feux Magiques™

Putain que je déteste ces gens

@finlaydag33k Hmmm I have to disagree here, I don't think Elon Musk is dumb. I think he's great at diverting attention away from the failures of his enterprises, and he's extremely good at selling vaporware. The Muskrats and the press are the ones to blame for falling for it

@AugierLe42e Le panneau tronqué sur la photo c'est un qui interdit la circulation, non ?

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So please, don't give me this "the war about the word #hacker is lost" bullshit. It's not. We just keep surrendering and undermining our own position.

So, stop using the word "hacker" to mean "cybercriminal". Stop using the word "hack" to mean "breach" or "compromise".

There are better words.

Like "cybercriminal", "breach", "compromise".

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

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@raucao Funny internet tokens stop being funny when they have the same electricity consumption as an actual country without bringing anything of value to anyone who's not an already rich whale, that is my point.

The experiment has run for more than a decade, we know how wasteful it is, we know how inefficient it is, we know how it cannot scale. We know it should have stopped long before but it won't because of speculation, which feeds itself TO THE MOON. All this makes me sad.

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I'd like to remind you all that while Firefox may not be great, Chrome is a lot worse and telling people not to use Firefox is just going to push most of them back to Chrome. Demanding that people go "all the way" and rejecting incremental steps is pretty high on the list of reasons why free/libre/open/non-megacorp software isn't more popular.

@Courgette N'importe quelle neobanque en somme ?

Je pense que la meilleure pioche actuellement c'est Wise, par la facilité d'obtenir des numéros de compte dans différents pays

@kingarmand @Eramdam Great, now I have an earworm that won't go away

@mxtthxw Not saying *you* are, just saying that even a more conservative figure is still extremely high when you put it in persoective.

Perspective is what I was going for in my original calculation, I have no plan of going to Kabul anytime soon

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