The new Floating Points single slaps

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Let's see if I can sell some of these #calligraphy pieces :D

Disclaimer, things are taking a few weeks to a couple of months to arrive worldwide from South Africa.

The red one is A4 size, the rest are A5, either on thick white art paper or on Daler Rowney calligraphy paper that's textured and looks like parchment.

$75 USD (which includes shipping) for any of these. Let me know if you want a closer look at any of them.

First come first serve, reply to grab one.

#MastoArt #CreativeToots


Tech support: may I get remote access (over TeamViewer or similar) to fix the issue you're having with our embedded software?

Me: nope, IT won't allow it for security reasons; it's fine though because in the meantime I went through your scripts, found what was wrong, and fixed it.

Tech support: <detailed instructions on how to do just that>

Me: yup, had this figured out, thanks anyway

@meli_melo J'ai craqué, ça me fera une belle occasion de découvrir l'Aéronef (et avoir une belle gueule au bureau le lendemain matin)

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@meli_melo Purée ouais c'est tentant, je vais déjà voir Cult of Luna avec Russian Circles à Bruxelles au printemps mais la tentation est grande

Watching a ice hockey game that's taking place in another country, live, for free, on a website, on my TV. I don't I would have believed this twenty years ago.

Hockey Punks Vilnius vs Liège Bulldogs @ IIHF Continental Cup, Istanbul, Turkey:

Stellar stuff from Racing Team Turkey today at Spa, who managed to squeeze past AF Corse right under the checkered flag. Great stuff from the Iron Dames too who finished second in class. ELMS may be even less popular than WEC but it sure isn't boring

@Sandg Et cet après-midi notre Sarah Bovy nationale s'est hissée sur le podium GTE aux 4 heures de Spa-Francorchamps. Tsoin tsoin

@jens I was reading the same kind of weird take on LinkedIn yesterday: somehow open-source software *will* provide solutions and spell the demise of SaaS somehow because of web3


I work in software development, which is why I spent the morning in a bus depot. Office job doesn't mean office *only* job

@n1k0 N'empêche à 1,20€ la bougie c'est une belle marge d'enfoiré

@CobaltVelvet And now I want to watch Trainspotting again

re: sex I guess 

@mother @schratze I was hoping the same, and then noticed the artist's signature.

Rob Smith Jr

If this is satire it's a very long-running kind, by a very dedicated jester

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