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Old programmer wisdom:

"Fix someone's program, they're happy for a day. Teach someone to program and they're never happy again."

@kai My aversions to such leaps of faith may explain why I'm not bankrupt, also

@Sapphaos C'est pas une voiture c'est un art de vivre

@Ambraven So basically black box testing where only the spec is checked not the implementation code? That's a way to cut effort

@Ambraven Are they the same people who claim that unit tests are only useful for refactoring?

@dj fun fact : ce même processus de décision est à l'origine de 85% des lois à tous les niveaux de pouvoir

@CobaltVelvet Damn completionists always bragging about having 100% of achievements

@khaos_farbauti 15 minutes pour l'explication, 30 minutes pour les premiers complots qui disent que l'explication est bidon, 1h pour avoir une réaction d'un adjacent politique, combien de temps pour un bouquin de Raoult ?

@josh It does not *only* refer to the musical instrument

@juliank I'm reading this during a break, before going back to work on a Node.js codebase. All this sounds familiar...

OpenAI in name only, for it is neither

@mart1oeil Tous les imposteurs font ça. Elon Musk ne contredit jamais quand on le présente comme fondateur de Tesla

@tdemin More precisely: depending on the workaround you can either have names or types, not both

@tdemin Yes, that's the conclusion I've reached after trying several approaches earlier today. JSDoc simply doesn't seem suited for the task, if I want to get VS Code to generate proper hover documentation I have to switch to TypeScript.

Thanks for trying, though

@dolfsquare Ben si on te reproche d'utiliser Facebook et Google ça détourne du fait que tu devrais pouvoir le faire sans être espionné, que cette collecte de données n'est en rien ta faute et que c'est eux les connards dans l'histoire

@dolfsquare Ça serait une belle forme de victim-blaming, tiens

@esvrld That's what names are for. Bill Gates is a large door, Donald Trump walks over stuff, Haskell Curry was an Indian chef, and Corto Maltese is from Malta

@requrious @esvrld My bad, I should have remembered Hugo Pratt is Italian so there's no reason he would pay any attention to Malta at all

@tdemin Yes it works fine on the first level, but I can't find a way to get it to work with something like:

const myFunc = foo => bar => doStuff(foo, bar);

Adding params info won't work past the first arrow, I couldn't work around that with returns info either. Past the first arrow VS Code is in the world of "any" whatever I type in the JSDoc block

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