$ git checkout develop
$ git pull
$ gulp clean
$ gulp build

TypeScript: 2 semantic errors


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Q: How many centrists does it take to change a lightbulb?

A: None, changing it would alienate our anti-lightbulb voters.

@Thib Je pense que "ajouter aux favoris" c'est la formulation la plus courante ailleurs, donc la moins déstabilisante.

I Hate Models - Live @ Nuits Sonores // youtube.com/watch?v=2EaxYi31ip // industrial techno // France // 2019 // Yep, again.

@dashie C'est une question de principe bien plus qu'une question de montant.

@Siphonay "The forms of mining deals that China employs in Africa are also very diverse and involve direct investments in mining projects, infrastructure investments–to-mineral resources “trade-in” deals, joint ventures, indirect investments, off-take agreements, options and a variety of other structures."


@Siphonay It's not as blatant and straightforward as european colonisation in the 18th and 19th centuries, I've heard in DR Congo that chinese companies offered very attractive deals for road construction and maintenance, in exchange for mining concessions.

@matiu_bidule Ah j'oubliais les rassemblements "patriotes" devant une statue de Jeanne d'Arc, eux aussi ne sont jamais inquiétés par leurs collègues policiers.

@matiu_bidule À part LMPT et les manifs de flics tout le monde se fait tabasser par la police quand il a l'outrecuidance de manifester, non ?

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Folks, the one thing that solved was not "RSVPs for events", it was getting events in front of a motivated community and promoting them. Rebuilding the RSVP functionality isn't going to wrestle anyone from Meetup's new changes. What we need are folks who are willing to try out alternatives and report back to their community on what works best for them.

gettogether.community already exists and has users on it. Try that first and let's get the "community" part of meetup started.

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@pilum My company calls us "consultants" but in reality we're more like contractors as we only accept long-term missions (6 months or more) and they involve much more doing than advising.

If you have doubt about your own skills in software engineering, just start working as a consultant. The shit you'll see will make you feel like a god of logic and planning.

Overheard : lately production has started dropping login requests because a certain database query takes so long it's timing out.

Web. Scale.

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