@slightlyflightyone To be fair I'm still confused on that specific topic: are they guys scammers, or are they sincerely incompetent?

@slightlyflightyone As someone who enjoys space games in general, I feel genuinely sad for the Star Citizen backers.

Six years in, huge loads of money poured in, and there is still "no actual gameplay". Fear not though, "players will be able to purchase ships using in-game money" although how to obtain said money is still unclear.

Scam Shitizen.

Obsidian Ant released a brutally honest video recap of the latest CitizenCon demo and I can't stop laughing: youtube.com/watch?v=-97GEOKpf3

Please don’t ever fucking build a website that requires CDN-stored javascript resources to display the actual page contents.




Remember folks, there are more of us than there are of them. We can do this! 👍​

'Just 100 companies have been the source of more than 70% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions since 1988, according to a new report.'


Just completed the "One With Nature" challenge in Banished, actually it went easier than I feared and it's even easier than the "Uneducated" challenge. I guess I'm an accomplished Banished player now.

I really wish we could separate this idea that things are only worth doing if they make you a living.

But then I'd also like to separate the idea that you have to do something in order to make a living too.

@Doshirae Et là je me prends un coup de vieux, parce que je faisais du raid quand 60 était le niveau maximal.

@Doshirae OK donc tu sais ce que ça donne en donjon mais pas en raid ; et je peux pas te gâcher la surprise j'ai pas joué depuis cinq ans, beaucoup a du changer.

@Doshirae Même à haut niveau ? J'ai lâché après MoP mais je jouais Restauration pour les donjons et raids et Equilibre pour les quêtes et farming, ça marchait vachement bien.

@Doshirae Oh un bébé chaton. Tu continues vers quelles spés après ?

@FurryJulie Ce que j'adore dans cet argument c'est qu'il illustre le problème qu'il prétend réfuter.

so i spent today writing a piece laying out how to write terminal apps without ncurses (and, more importantly, how to write the library that will kill ncurses for good)

this is the result of years of experience delving into dark corners of ANSI specifications, terminfo files, and hoary manpages. this is knowledge that i’ve never seen collected in one place before. please use it, i beg you.


Sub Focus @ Shambala Festival 2016 // youtube.com/watch?v=hz5OSYnKE_ // drum'n'bass and assorted goodness // UK // 2016

game design is game development

UI/UX design and appraisal IS tech development

doing mockups and ideas is development work

writing documentation and editing the wording of said documentation, is development work

stop edging people out coz "they don't write code"

they are just as much developers as you are. hell, all my marketable skills lie in this gray area people like to look down on

Stop It.

@matiu_bidule Moins rigolo : des agents de police ont été affectés pour couper la circulation et lui permettre de quitter sereinement la place pour handicapés où il était garé à contresens, alors qu'ils auraient pu être plus utiles à d'autres affectations.

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