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Jean-Karim Bockstael

@Elizafox Because a module is defined as a file containing Python code?

@Mozilla Thunderbird m'est d'autant plus utile que j'ai mes mails chez plusieurs hébergeurs, ce qui m'obligerait à passer par plusieurs clients Web.

@abbenm I usually answer "in another company" as so far I've only worked 6- to 20-month gigs at startups.

My italish in action in Brusell few days ago talking about how to do browser extensions.
#mozdem #firefox #opensource #fosdem2018

"Mozilla's DeepSpeech and Common Voice projects -
Open and offline-capable voice recognition for everyone"

Video is now available!


@Nezchan Glasses wearer here, I've had good results with the Beyerdynamic DT line of headphones. I'm using the DT770 model at the office as it's a fully closed model that isolates pretty well from outside noise.

Watched the #FOSDEM Monero talk. It's nice that Monero fixes some of the failures of Bitcoin, but it's still based upon proof of work which is pretty disastrous from an environmental and decentralization point of view.

The questions were revealing. On the question of how Monero would stop five companies in China from controlling all of the hash power, like Bitcoin, the speaker avoided it and answered some different question about transactions. Proof of work with increasing hardness over time always favors the already rich who can build hashing factories at great expense. They might not be able to do it with asics, but for them that's just an implementation detail.
So you might think that software development is broken, that there are too many bugs and that developers never know what they're doing. But I think if you go down the route beyond simple bug bounties into bug futures and bug derivatives and bug derivative swaps - turning the making and maintaining of software into gambling bets - then there's the potential to really bork FOSS development in a major way.

Open source tools are by and large NOT user friendly in the name of remaining powerful and familiar to those who are already used to them

It’s a degree of tech elitism that’s locked out the public. The typical computer user is not going to familiarize themselves with the command line. Meanwhile, point and click tools got the upper hand in the market

It's uncommon enough to be announced: there are free seats in the Mozilla devroom. Come and learn about WebXR.

Open source development is not about making products, it's about running projects. Projects don't consist of code, they consist of people. When making decisions, always consider the long-term good of the project first.

It would be a good idea for #FOSDEM to re-evaluate their association with Google. What do Google stand for? How much of their software is actually open source these days? Is Google just openwashing at these types of conferences by promoting closed stuff and opaque algorithms behind APIs?

This year's question at the Beer Event's door is "how do you exit Vim?" Sorry cool kids using Sublime or Atom.

@fipaddict Deux-trois choses, pas grand-chose :

(à ca il faut ajouter les stands, et les conversations impromptues un peu partout)