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Jean-Karim Bockstael

@Dryusdan À un moment quand t'en arrives à prédire ce que tu vas y lire et que ça te navre d'avance, arrête. C'est mieux pour les nerfs.

I heard @starbreaker refer to the federated timeline as "drinking from the firehose" and this is exactly what came to mind:

@crowdagger Des gens qui vivent des divisions tu m'étonnes que toute notion de camaraderie ça les hérisse.

Running Hypercard in MinivMac, and it's a lot smoother than it was in Basilisk II, while less smooth than it was in Sheepshaver.

I still haven't decided which one I like most, although minivmac seems to be the easiest to work with.

And, of course, Archive.Org has some good hypercard resources:

@Dryusdan Les multiples points d'exclamation auraient pu te mettre en garde avant même de lire le "seule solution" qui confirme qu'on est face à l'absence totale de nuance et de recul. Perso j'évite totalement les sections commentaires maintenant, on y croise trop rarement du bon et ça m'énervait trop souvent.

@Dryusdan Si tu te mets à demander aux commentateurs du Figaro de réfléchir avant d'écrire t'es pas sorti de l'auberge...

Gather around children and let me regale you with one of the finest #anime series to come around these parts

Yuru Camp (ゆるキャン) or Laid-Back Camp is an anime about camping and much more. There's an irresistible allure of nature, solitude, contentment, and many other feelings that come along with spending the night outdoors. I know this because camping is one of my favorite things to do

This will be a #LiveToot

@Dryusdan C'est malheureux mais ça fait trop longtemps qu'on ne l'a pas fait et ils ont vraiment trop pris la confiance. Ils se croient intouchables et tout permis. À un moment on va craquer et rétablir la balance.

Et oui, en même temps on va certainement filer trop de pouvoir à un total connard.

@Dryusdan Un jour on va en pendre et les autres vont bégayer.

@Dryusdan Ben ouais, la justice c'est pour les pauvres.

@Dryusdan Les zadistes n'ont qu'à être riches.

So... Hospitality Antwerp.

Liked: Keeno, Etherwood, London Elektricity, Danny Byrd, Metrik, Logistics.

Disliked: the security staff confiscating my weed fifteen minutes in.

@DarckCrystale Ben y'a les notions de remise et de ristourne qui s'appliquent pour un client donné par-rapport à un prix "catalogue", je sais pas si ça correspond à ce à quoi tu penses.

Metrik - Fatso VIP // // drum'n'bass // UK // 2017 // I absolutely love the original version but this one has such a different feel to it with that almost Sub Focus bassline and the deadmau5 -esque synths that it qualifies as an another track altogether in my book. Also: I'll be at Hospitality Antwerp tomorrow where Metrik will be spinning, can't wait!

@Visualkev I'm still learning it the hard way and loving it so far. Everything is what I've wanted in this kind of game since Sim City 2000.

Meanwhile, in Cities Skylines...
(bear with me, I'm a clueless newbie)

When it comes to communicating communist ideas I feel like it'd be more effective if instead of saying "private property" we said "remote ownership" or "ownership on paper" or "economic property" or "corporate property" or "for-profit property"

Cuz like what we mean is "you can't own a house you don't live in" "you can't own a business others work in" "You can't own land others live or work on"

And I think in the 21st century "private property" just doesn't evoke that meaning

Silicon Valley is dominated by guys like Zuckerburg who lack this historical perspective and it is sad and a bit dangerous. The only world they know is post-9/11 where valuing privacy is often viewed with suspicion and are taught by those in power that surveillance keeps us safe and secure.

Add to that the only Internet they've ever known is one being monetized almost completely by targeted advertising?

Seems society has failed a whole generation.

@bortzmeyer @prunus @shaft C'était un FAI belge avant qu'il change de nom.