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When I play the Stronghold military campaign and go a little bit overboard on a mission that can be completed almost without any fortifications.

A couple months late, but I just finished playing Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice and I'm really tempted to say this is the 2017 GOTY. Games with hard/serious/adult subject matters are too rare, games that do it without even once cutting corners, sacrificing art direction, or using tired tropes are even more rare. This is a gem of a game.

Action/puzzle, has violence, is centered on mental health issues and trauma.

Remember when Firewatch got review-bombed on Steam because angry manbabies wanted to protect "free speech"? I just noticed Steam has added a graph of reviews over time, along with notifications of sudden surges to help detect these angry mobs.

Sorry manbabies, not sorry.

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