Here's a P51 Mustang flying over a bunch of Ford Mustang last Saturday.

This is what a gathering of 1326 Ford Mustangs looks like.

One-make traffic jam on a banked test track, which is kinda weird.

Cheers from the largest Ford Mustang meeting in the world ever. 1200 cars have already arrived and more are coming.

Techno and trichlorethylene @ Plastique Hibou Festival, Use-In, Seraing, Belgium

I've been using the same profile picture for a bit more than ten years, it was due for a change. So here's a bearded guy with glasses, shot with an old analog camera

We just got this phishing attempt : a link to a OneDrive document, which is a fake GUI that links to this fake login prompt, which actually is a survey.

Street art near Sainte-Catherine, Brussels, Belgium.

Behemoth live at the Ancienne Belgique, Brussels. That was a very fine way to close this year's FOSDEM weekend.

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