Tonight's theme was "punk attitudes and electronic machines" with Sandra Kill, Dear Deer, and Die Spektu. Electro punk, electroclash, hardbass and gabber? Fuck yeah!

Farewell happy doggy, thank you for almost fourteen years of joy and love.

2021: scammers are copying websites from well-known news outlets and buying Facebook advertising space. Don't say victims are dumb, this is pretty convincing.

You may have noticed I am quite fond of western african music, especially the Tuareg guitar music from Algeria and Niger. Well today's my birthday, and tonight Tisdass was playing in one of my favorite venues. You can imagine I was smiling like a child during the whole show

Tonight was all about black metal that lets itself be influenced. First the doomy black metal of Bockreiter (Liège, Belgium), then the jazzy black metal of White Ward (Odessa, Ukraine)

Oh boy that felt good. First live show since 2019, old school hardcore because fuck yeah

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