Tutorial: how to stay sane on YouTube.

(illustrated with Jimmy Broadbent, but it works with other insufferable morons too)

It's 9:03 AM and I already want to go home and PLAY CIVILIZATION V.

I unlocked this yesterday, and I'm quite proud of it. everybody hated me because of my slightly bloodthirsty foreign policy, yet they had to see me become elected world leader. Pay attention to city-states, folks.

Here's a P51 Mustang flying over a bunch of Ford Mustang last Saturday.

This is what a gathering of 1326 Ford Mustangs looks like.

One-make traffic jam on a banked test track, which is kinda weird.

Cheers from the largest Ford Mustang meeting in the world ever. 1200 cars have already arrived and more are coming.

Techno and trichlorethylene @ Plastique Hibou Festival, Use-In, Seraing, Belgium

I've been using the same profile picture for a bit more than ten years, it was due for a change. So here's a bearded guy with glasses, shot with an old analog camera

We just got this phishing attempt : a link to a OneDrive document, which is a fake GUI that links to this fake login prompt, which actually is a survey.

Street art near Sainte-Catherine, Brussels, Belgium.

Behemoth live at the Ancienne Belgique, Brussels. That was a very fine way to close this year's FOSDEM weekend.

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