Just completed the "One With Nature" challenge in Banished, actually it went easier than I feared and it's even easier than the "Uneducated" challenge. I guess I'm an accomplished Banished player now.

The Skyrim OST vinyl by iam8bit is a work of art.

Cities: Skylines

Tram stop and quiet little park in the downtown area.

According to my doggo thermometer today is moderately hot.

Cities: Skylines

The pedestrian bridge over the highway is turning out quite nicely, and the surrounding are is becoming a proper park. I should do more before and after shots.

This may be my favorite Jurassic World Evolution screenshot so far (get this game, it's fun).

Intellectuals at IGN: Jurassic World Evolution is only worth a 4.8 out of 10
Me, a clueless moron:

On the subject of MCs during drum'n'bass sets, YouTube commenters finally seem to reach a consensus.

"Each time Cate Blanchett wears a suit, a lesbian is born."

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