A couple months late, but I just finished playing Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice and I'm really tempted to say this is the 2017 GOTY. Games with hard/serious/adult subject matters are too rare, games that do it without even once cutting corners, sacrificing art direction, or using tired tropes are even more rare. This is a gem of a game.

Action/puzzle, has violence, is centered on mental health issues and trauma.

@jkb I'm so glad to hear you say that - I bought it when it came out but haven't played it yet (console, not pc) - and when I was trying to describe the game concept to a dude at work who considers himself a pretty serious gamer, his response was to pooh-pooh the concept as "going too far" so it's really refreshing to see multiple dudes on masto talking about how great the game is....

@MissSnarkerson That being said I'm that dude who played Dear Esther three times, ABZÛ twice, and enjoy atmospheres and storytelling over "pure" gameplay. I think videogames are a proper art form, and it's great to see more and more developers create games that are more art than entertainment.

My only advice for when you find the time to play it: use headphones.

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