OMG I just got struck by a AI nuke in Total Annihilation. That's the first time ever in a free-for-all skirmish, in hard setting, and I refrained from attacking just to let them get to a good tech level.

Seriously the AI in that game is horrendous, it seems to just build random stuff regardless of its economy or whatever the opponent is doing. Two radar towers side by side? Sure, why not. Seven targeting facilities? Uh, yeah, hardcore redundancy I guess. Flipping metal makers on and off? Yup!

Of course thay failed to target my conveniently packed "Retaliator" nuclear missile launch pads, which by now have stocked a total of 200 units of fiery vengeance.

Meanwhile one of them still has a messed up economy with countless stalled build queues, so they started building a Krogoth gantry. Yup, makes sense.

Aaah, the sweet sound of chain-launched nuclear missiles...


Aaaaand every enemy unit has been wiped, including isolated metal extractors, without having to risk any ground unit. Troops safety lies in FIERY DEATH FROM THE SKY!

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