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Jean-Karim Bockstael @jkb

This year's question at the Beer Event's door is "how do you exit Vim?" Sorry cool kids using Sublime or Atom.

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@jkb @starbreaker I think the question that should earn people something even more should be "How do you exit out of ed?"

@ND3JR @jkb That's kinda sadistic, but q for conditional quit and Q to force quit.

@starbreaker @jkb Hence the greater reward for knowing it. I actually started using ed at work years ago because being a line editor it doesn't add all sorts of garbage characters to my typescripts (which I use both to show what I've done and for future reference should I forget how to do something) and is easily scripted using a here-document.

Knowing ed also was helpful in learning sed and ex, the line editing mode of vi.

@ND3JR @jkb ed isn't a bad way to compose text if you're having trouble focusing, either. You can backtrack if you must, but doing so requires knowing commands beyond save and quit.