Jean-Karim Bockstael

Remember when Firewatch got review-bombed on Steam because angry manbabies wanted to protect "free speech"? I just noticed Steam has added a graph of reviews over time, along with notifications of sudden surges to help detect these angry mobs.

Sorry manbabies, not sorry.

@jkb What did Firewatch do to anger these guys, again?

@Siphonay PewDiePie said "nigger" during a PUBG stream, Firewatch's devs used the DMCA to take down his videos of Firewatch as they don't want their product associated with racism. Angry manbabies ensued.

Wait whats the deal with firewatch? I bought it in steam sale and haven't got around to playing it

@frickhaditcoming YouTuber PewDiePie used the N word during an unrelated stream, Firewatch's devs didn't want their product associated with racism so they used the DMCA to remove his videos of Firewatch, PewDiePie's fans and gamergate/alt-right types got angry and tried to hurt the sales of a BAFTA-nominated universally acclaimed game.

Looks like if I would have waited a minute I would have had the answer without asking again. But thus makes me want to buy a 2nd copy and still forget to play it

@frickhaditcoming Nah that's fine, no worries. I strongly recommend playing that game though, especially if you can do it in one sitting (expect three to five hour for a full playthrough) as it is all about atmosphere.

Yeah I got it and abzu because they looked pretty. I banged abzu out with a beer or 2 but then never got around to this.

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