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Jean-Karim Bockstael @jkb

@santosbullshit It's Flemish or Walloon / Flanders or Wallonia actually; and I'm in Wallonia, the french-speaking part.

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@santosbullshit A wee bit, and I'm ashamed of that to be honest. But as I live in the french-speaking part and at my company we speak english because of the staff diversity, I don't have much incentive to learn it properly.

@jkb so is english standardized there, like in the education system or nah?

@santosbullshit Pretty much everybody learns it at school as their second language yes, and because the UE institutions in Brussels attract people from all around Europe it's often the only language everybody has in common.

@jkb are you still culturally connected to the Netherlands or there's resentment or something like that?

@santosbullshit If there was resentment it's gone by now, and there is a shared culture (at least as far as beer and potatoes are concerned haha).

I see you're from Caracas, how's the situation in Venezuela? We're getting conflicting reports here, it's hard to understand what's going on and tell propaganda from fact.

@jkb From what I've seen, everything that's going out is propaganda. Like the national guard is fr killing kids out there but on the other hand some factions of the opposition are legit fascist. I think it's all pretty much an internal bourgeois conflict were the people ends up getting the bullets.

@santosbullshit OK so it's not as clear-cut as some would like us to think. Good luck out there, take care and let's hope for the best.