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Am I the only one to be bothered when someone speaks of how much money they have on their bank account in public? Regardless if it's to brag or to complain about the amount... It feels, like, super rude to me for some reason

@Siphonay No, that's pretty standard cultural shame around money enforced by capitalism. We're not supposed to be transparent about what we have or don't have, lest we feel obligated to help those who should be pulling themselves up by their boot straps or resentful toward those who have more than is reasonable.

Jean-Karim Bockstael @jkb

@SuzanEraslan @Siphonay One may notice how taboo it is to discuss compensation among coworkers, in some places it's even explicitly forbidden.

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@jkb @Siphonay Which should, frankly, be illegal, and in some states, laws are being passed to make it so. It's an unfortunate set of circumstances that we feel that discussing our resources is taboo, but it isn't by accident-- we're all supposed to present as solidly middle class, whether we're struggling to put food on the table or buying yachts.